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Morclean specialise in a wide range of industrial cleaning equipment for all industries. We install drive through lorry washers, water recycling equipment, chassis and brush washers. We also provide floor care, jet wash, high pressure cleaners, scrubber dryers, sweepers and specialist vacuums. Scroll down below to see a range of our products.

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The Morclean wheelie bin wash machinesThe Morclean wheelie bin wash machines are easy to use and maintain.

Simply place the bin on the lift mechanism, press the button to lift, clean out the bins whilst elevated with the attached pressure washer system and lower the bins with the button.

Cleaning made easy. With a whole range to choose from there's something for everyone.

Pressure washers use water at high pressure for washing a variety of vehicles and machinery and for cleaning any type of washable surface or floor.

They can be used in a wide and varying number of industrial sectors.

Our range of scubber driers come in two different categories.

The Pro Range and the SiteMaster range. Both have been designed with the professional sector in mind.

All our scrubber driers are easy to handle, powerful, efficient, carefully conceived and designed using top-quality materials.

Vacuumated sweepers have brushes which rotate at high speed.

This throws up dirt and debris which is collected in a container called a waste hopper bin.

The sweeper has an efficient filtration system which means that all the dust is contained within the machine and not floating about in the air.

Vacuum Cleaners

We have a wide range of industrial vacuum cleaners to suit all needs. Commercial wet and dry vacs, hazardous dust vacs, specialist vacs, carpet cleaners, aircraft spec vacs, ATEX vacs and car valeting equipment are to name a few. We have a full service available and would provide all the tools, consumables and accessories you would need to maintain our products.

We also have a new range of Honda powered Street Litter Collectors, which include a street 'Back back' style vacuum collector and also a trolley vac on wheels.

Vapour Steam Cleaners

Our steam cleaners have an internal tank with a 2.5L - 10.0L capacity.

Tap water is used to make steam at 4.5 bar - 10 bar pressure and produces steam vapour temperatures at up to 185° Celsius.

The steam boiler, manufactured in stainless steel, is explosion proof and safety devices provide steam pressure at both constant and variable rates.

Vehicle WashersMorclean can provide a range of Industrial drive through lorry wash systems Chassis Wash and Brush Wash Systems. This range was designed to further meet customer specifications and accommodate all their vehicle washing needs.

It consists of Lorry Wash, Bus Wash, Car Wash, chassis wash and specialist bespoke washes for HGV's, bus, coach, lorries, tanks, trains, and any other type of regular or irregular shaped vehicles or plant.

Vehicle Washers

For mobile and site work our trailer mounted high pressure cleaners and jetters are ideal. Petrol and diesel driven high pressure cleaners (both hot and cold water), are mounted either to skids, trailers, or water bowsers for mobile use and remote locations.

Other trailer mounted products we have are our new Wheelie Bin Washers, which enables mobile high pressure cleaning.

Water Recycling

Water used during vehicle washing etc is typically collected in either a sump or is collected via a pump out of the silt trap. This water is then pumped into stage one of the system and three stages of settlement.

Afterwards the water is then 'Hydrocycloned' to remove finer solids and is now partially ready for recycling. This water can then also be 'electroflocculated' to break down waxes etc (when full reclaim water is required).

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