Fixed Installations

All Electric Static Hot and Cold Pressure Washer
All Electric Static Hot and Cold Pressure Cleaners These rugged cabinets come complete with a removable lid for easy servicing & are constructed of either robust steel which is stove enamelled or stainless steel. This is ideal for anyone who requires a fixed, secure, safe unit. They are each built to the customerís specification and can be supplied in any colour. These units come complete with variable pressure control, thermostat, thermal overloads, auto time shut down, 10m high pressure hose, gun & lance.
Bunded Fuel Tanks
Morclean Bunded EcoSafe tanks represent the most advanced range of integrally bunded oil storage systems available within the EU. Designed to exceed all current oil storage regulations, the EcoSafe range is factory fitted with the Watchman Plus complete pro-active fuel monitoring system. The Watchman Plus not only monitors oil levels within the tank, but also acts as a bund safety sensor. Specifically designed for commercial, industrial, institutional and agricultural properties where bunded tanks are now compulsory, the EcoSafe range is also becoming ever more popular amongst domestic users for its safe and environmental features. Fitted with the SpillStop overfill protective system,
Diesel Static Hot and Cold Water Machine
Diesel Static Hot and Cold Pressure Cleaners Typical High Pressure Cleaners - Problems Traditional high pressure cleaners are often mobile units, and need to be plugged in and connected to services each time the operators needs to use it. The operator then has access to settings including the detergent flow, temperature and pressure, and likely to abuse at least the amount of detergent used. Common operator problems also include filling with contaminated fuel, or filling the wrong tanks. Furthermore, and from a health and safety point of view, the incoming mains flex can be laid in water, or the outgoing high pressure hoses trail across the floor. Summary Daily connection
Water heating system. A natural gas fired Lochinvar Copperfin water heater has a heat input of 198Kw and an operating efficiency of 94%. The installed system consistís of a bronze recirculation pump and a fan assisted water heater, all electrical controls and a separate free standing insulated storage vessel. The storage vessel would hold 747 litres of water, enough to provide a ìbufferî to enable satisfactory operation of the water heater. This unit, when installed, would have sufficient heating capacity to meet the needs of the washdown system. A provision of gas supply, connection to the water heater and ventilation to meet gas board requirements is needed. Requireme
Stationary Hot Water Gas Fired Unit
The Morclean stationery, hot water gas fired unit has the following options: Control Electronics Chemical solenoid valve 24V remote control 10mtr hose pistol & lance The features of the tank are: The pump has four diamond-ground all ceramic pistons which are designed for a long service life The break tank is a plastic tank with float valve, which complies with water authority regulations The unit is housed in a heavy steel frame fitted with anti-vibration mountings and enclosed with powder coated sheet steel panelling Automatic standby so when the trigger of the spray gun is pressed, the full power is immediately available. During breaks in work th