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Fixed Washing Plant

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Typical High Pressure Cleaners - Problems.

Traditional high pressure cleaners are often mobile units, and need to be plugged in and connected to services each time the operators needs to use it. The operator then has access to settings including the detergent flow, temperature and pressure, and likely to abuse at least the amount of detergent used.

Common operator problems also include filling with contaminated fuel, or filling the wrong tanks. Furthermore, and from a health and safety point of view, the incoming mains flex can be laid in water, or the outgoing high pressure hoses trail across the floor.

Problem Summary.

  • Daily connection to services
  • Operator access to settings detergent abuse
  • Potential of theft
  • Contamination of fuel
  • Trailing hoses and cables

Features of a Morclean cabinet mounted static system

The unit is housed in a strong steel lockable container, and a permanent connection is made to mains power and water services, and a direct connection to a provided self bunded fuel tank The controls for temperature, flow, pressure, detergent amount are all contained inside the cabinet.

The cabinet is then placed within the provided building, and a remote switch fitted to allow the operator to switch on, and the unit automatically switches off. A preset amount of detergent is added simply by changing the wash lance and there is no need for the operator to attempt any alterations to the settings, or to need to fill the machine with detergent or fuel.

Features Summary

  • Direct connection to mains services fuel and detergent
  • No operator access to settings
  • Preset controls locked inside cabinet
  • Auto off and remote switching
  • Protection against operator abuse


The client is provided with a trouble free system, providing the required wash down facilities without allowing the operator to access settings or tamper with supplies. We eliminate breakdowns caused by operator abuse, and reduce the clients downtime and inconvenience when a unit is out of commission.

Because the unit is place inside a locked cabinet, fixed to the floor, and then within a building, the potential of theft or vandalism is evidently almost eliminated. The steel cabinet is also frost protected to prevent damage to the unit's components.

Benefits Summary

  • Eliminate operator abuse and breakdowns
  • Trouble free use
  • Reduce downtime and inconvenience
  • Theft or vandalism protection
  • Protection against frost

All you have to do is contact us:

  • Free advice or a site survey
  • Position and design of the equipment
  • Provide an all inclusive quotation to design and install
  • UK delivery, installation, commissioning and training
  • Arrange warranty, servicing and maintenance


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