Carpet Cleaners

We have a full range of carpet and upholstery cleaners (called extraction machines) including valeting machines, carpet cleaners, upholstery cleaners etc.

They are available in 240 or 110 volts and with either strong steel containers and chassis or injection moulded durable containers. Combinations of 1 or 2 x 1200w motors, combination kits and accessories for various tasks are available.

You can find our full range listed below and should you need any further information or guidence on any of these machines, please do not hesistate to contact us; a member of our sales team will be on hand to help you.

Carpet Shampooer 3 Series
There really is nothing quite so useful as a small, compact Morclean carpet shampooer that provides the combination of a powered liquid supply and efficient wet pick-up facility... all incorporated in one unit. Mainly used in the shampooing of carpets and upholstery these machines can be equally effective on hard floors where there is a need for localized scrubbing and wet pick-up operation. The power head is to the full Twinfloi specification ensuring excellent performance but, in addition, has incorporated as standard a Powerfloi pump system and quick release fluid connector. The container system is to our unique ìtank within a tanki design ensuring as compact a total package a
Carpet Shampooer 4 Series
The Morclean 4 Series is the bigger brother to the 3 Series with double its capacity for those that need more operational time between filling and emptying to cover larger areas. The power head incorporates the high performance 'Twinflo' bypass motor. The power head incorporates the high performance Twinfloi bypass motor and Powerfloi pump system ensuring efficient discharge and liquid collection. The container system is our unique itank within a tanki design providing for clean and dirty water within one compact size. The full accessory kit provides for both carpet and upholstery shampooing with optional additional accessories for hard floor, wet or dry pick-up facilities. *
Carpet Shampooer 5 Series
The 5 Series has become the most popular carpet shampooer by choice... and this is not by chance, but by design. The construction is designed to take the bangs and bruises that any machine will suffer in true commercial use because that is what you need - a machine who's construction is beyond reproach and will give you years of reliable service. The Morclean 5 Series is available in both one and two-motored models built to the full Twinfloi specification and incorporating our Powerfloinpump and quick connect liquid system. The containers also incorporate our unique itank within a tanki system to maintain a compact and usable size. The full accessory kit provides for both carpet a
Carpet Shampooer 9 Series
When describing the Morclean 9 Series we have called it the ìtruck-typeî machine because it is built like a truck yet is as easy to handle as any of the Morclean range. The all Structofoam construction leaves little to be desired, being rugged yet light in weight, and with oversized wheels and castors you can move it easily over all surfaces, or up and down stairways. The 9 Series is our largest machine to incorporate the compact tank, allowing for use in confined areas. The 9 Series comes incorporates our Twinfloí bypass motors and integrated Powerfloí pump system. The pump system injects the cleaning solution deep into the carpets in a continuous deep cleaning cycle and
Cold Water Extraction Carpet Cleaners
A tough range of small to medium capacity carpet cleaning machines. There are three models in the range with capacities of 15, 20 and 25 litres. All models use the same tried and tested pump and vacuum motor combination. Suitable for use in any application requiring a small robust machine. Uses range from car valeting, care homes, hire shops, contract cleaning to office, pub and club cleaning. Features Body constructed of polished GRP fibre glass with a bonded in zinc plated base frame 4 x 50mm soft tyre swivel castors 50 psi flojet diaphragm pump head with bypass valves fitted to a fan cooled brushless induction motor 10 metre cable with moulded 13A UK p
Cylinder Based Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner
Morclean cylinder based carpet and upholstery cleaners boast features including external filling tanks with a large port opening for the detergent and solution for easy filling and while in continuous use. Together with this an external discharge hose clips to the side of the unit for easy emptying to a drain after use. There are combinations of 1 or 2 x 1000w by pass motors in 240v or 110v. Accessories include combination kits and tooling for floors, furniture or upholstery. Various options of performance and accessories kits are available 'off the shelf' For more information please contact us. 
Morclean 35 Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaners
A robustly constructed carpet cleaning machine for the professional user. Suitable for badly soiled and larger areas due to its large capacity and powerful thermostatically controlled heater. Features: Body constructed of polished GRP fibre glass with a bonded in zinc plated base frame 220/240V 1,000W Tangential discharge bypass motor 220/240V 50 Psi flojet diaphragm pump with bypass valves Thermostatically controlled element (0-65oC) 2 x 10 detachable 10 metre long cable packs Suction/delivery hose assembly crush proof Main wand with twin jets and stainless steel bend and wand tube Light weight see through hand tool for upholstery and
Pro 78 2 CE 55 Carpet Cleaner from Morclean
Pro 78/2 - CE - 55 Carpet Cleaner from Morclean - 2 silenced 2 stage motor -Suction system with bypass cooling - S/S tank - Detergent pump - Professional closing hooks - Static electric shock inhibitor - Tilting tank - Fully removable tank - 11L detergent tank - Shock proof trolley - Liquid float valve - Cloth filter and 10m power cable -Easy standing head and traceless wheels Voltage 230v 50Hz Power 2 2200(2400)W silenced two stage motor column depression 22 kPa / 2240mm H2O air suction 108 l/s total volume/
Pro Range 50 1 CE 55 is a compact and solid professional spray extraction carpet and upholstery cleaner
The Pro Range 50/1–CE-55 is a compact and solid professional spray extraction carpet and upholstery cleaner with external clean water tank and stainless steel body. It is ideal for professional use around the home, business & factory. Easy standing head (during filter cleaning) Suction system with by-pass cooling Liquid float valve Shock proof trolley Accessory holder Drain hole system
Reviver 2000 Professional Spray Extraction Carpet Cleaner
With its integral "power brush", high pressure spray injection and high performance vacuum extraction, the Reviver 2000 cleans deep down removing heavy soiling and ugly marks, leaving carpets fresh, clean, colourful and almost dry. Used regularly the Reviver 2000 will maintain carpets in a professional "as new" condition. With built in silencer for quieter running. Easy to use the built in power brush removes dirt with ease. Ready to use quickly-no wands and hoses to attach. Virtually self propelled for easing operator effort. Everything controlled from the handle, height adjustable handle for comfort. The folding handle makes it easily transported, with large wheels for easy mobility