Custom Made Vacuums

Heavy Duty Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner
Built to your requirements. Options  Motor Options 1000w 2000w 3000w  Power 110v   240v  415v  Rated By-pass plant-air driven exhausters  Airflow 84 Lps  42 Lps  126 Lps  Capacity 9 10 15 25 up to 200 litres Filtration Options  Wet, dry oils or flammables Convey grindings, swarf and turnings, slag, sand or foodstuffs, hazardous fine dust, micro or volatile filtrati
HZQ 750S Sweep Soot Boiler Vac
Features Kit BB12 38mm included. Designed exclusively for the chimney sweeping/boiler industry. A low flow indicator flashes when the airflow is restricted (full bag). Head assembly fitted with cradle for ease & to wind the cable around. Fitted with a hazardous filter module. Grab handles fitted to bottom of the drum assembly for ease of carrying. A wooden base in place of a chassis. Suitable Uses The HZQ 750s is used to pick up dry hazardous material, especially soot dust. The material is held in a disposable bag which in turn is placed in a refuse sack. Limitations This machine cannot be used in a wet environment. It shou
Industrial Air Vac
  Features Works from plant air supply Low maintenance Low life time costs Syphons up to 45 gallon fluid in 24 seconds Develops vacuum up to 3 times greater than normal industrial vacuums Capable of removing oil, sludge, swarf, food, slag, sand, turnings Also available in twin venturi for extra power Choice of 38/51mm accessory kits Consumption: Air-Tech/1 Air - Tech / 2 100Psi - 100cfm 100Psi - 200cfm 80Psi - 80cfm 80Psi - 160cfm 60Psi - 60cfm 60Psi - 120cfm
Industrial Bulk Vac
Features Super capacity up to 1000 litres Fork lift transportable Easy emptying discharge valve Single phase supply Does not require heavy duty 3 phase power source. Suitable Uses The Industrial bulk Vac is suitable for larger quantities of waste liquids where a standard vacuum is limited to 200 Litres & where continuous vacuuming of up to 1000 Litres is required. Limitations This machine is not suitable for the removal of hazardous or volatile substances. Please note: This unit is 1000x1000x1000mm and will weigh over 1000Kg when full. Specification Motor: 2000 Watts Size: 1000 x 1000 x 1000mm Weight: 150 kgs