Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Specially designed to meet specific requirements in the industrial field, the Morclean professional line of vacuum cleaners presents a wide range of high-tech and functional solutions. Suction power, filtering system and silent running are the essential features, which have made these products appreciated by professional users.

To remove any kind of dirt, superficial or more resistant, solid or liquid, in the industrial, food or mechanical sector; in wood manufacturing, in service companies, offices, sports plants or public corporations: the ideal solution for any requirement, specially designed to make your work more effective, faster and easier.

Morclean supply and service a complete range of heavy-duty industrial vacuums and vacuum extractors suitable for a wide variety of on site cleaning operations.

Morclean vacuums are in daily operation in a wide range of industries including, Engineering, Fabrication, Powder Coating, Plastics, Chemicals, Brick & Tile manufacture, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Paper / Tissue, Packaging, Printing, Electronics, Woodworking, Ceramics Colours / dyes, Automotive, Distribution / Logistics, anywhere there is a cleaning problem Morclean can assist.

Morclean are committed to supplying the correct machine to provide a long and cost effective service life.

All units are supplied with on site operator training and a range of accessories to suit your particular requirements.


Heavy Duty Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner
Built to your requirements. Options  Motor Options 1000w 2000w 3000w  Power 110v   240v  415v  Rated By-pass plant-air driven exhausters  Airflow 84 Lps  42 Lps  126 Lps  Capacity 9 10 15 25 up to 200 litres Filtration Options  Wet, dry oils or flammables Convey grindings, swarf and turnings, slag, sand or foodstuffs, hazardous fine dust, micro or volatile filtrati
HZQ 750S Sweep Soot Boiler Vac
Features Kit BB12 38mm included. Designed exclusively for the chimney sweeping/boiler industry. A low flow indicator flashes when the airflow is restricted (full bag). Head assembly fitted with cradle for ease & to wind the cable around. Fitted with a hazardous filter module. Grab handles fitted to bottom of the drum assembly for ease of carrying. A wooden base in place of a chassis. Suitable Uses The HZQ 750s is used to pick up dry hazardous material, especially soot dust. The material is held in a disposable bag which in turn is placed in a refuse sack. Limitations This machine cannot be used in a wet environment. It shou
Industrial Air Vac
  Features Works from plant air supply Low maintenance Low life time costs Syphons up to 45 gallon fluid in 24 seconds Develops vacuum up to 3 times greater than normal industrial vacuums Capable of removing oil, sludge, swarf, food, slag, sand, turnings Also available in twin venturi for extra power Choice of 38/51mm accessory kits Consumption: Air-Tech/1 Air - Tech / 2 100Psi - 100cfm 100Psi - 200cfm 80Psi - 80cfm 80Psi - 160cfm 60Psi - 60cfm 60Psi - 120cfm
Industrial Bulk Vac
Features Super capacity up to 1000 litres Fork lift transportable Easy emptying discharge valve Single phase supply Does not require heavy duty 3 phase power source. Suitable Uses The Industrial bulk Vac is suitable for larger quantities of waste liquids where a standard vacuum is limited to 200 Litres & where continuous vacuuming of up to 1000 Litres is required. Limitations This machine is not suitable for the removal of hazardous or volatile substances. Please note: This unit is 1000x1000x1000mm and will weigh over 1000Kg when full. Specification Motor: 2000 Watts Size: 1000 x 1000 x 1000mm Weight: 150 kgs
Interlok MV 100 Wet Vacuum Cleaner
The industrial standard Interlok series comprises two model ranges, the MV 100 single motor, the two motored MV 100 models, both with full overheat protection and bypass cooled vacuum motors. Both machines provide superb performance be it wet or dry use. With dry machines incorporating large filters with the additional availability of disposable filter bags, ensuring cleanliness and ease of emptying, together with improved high performance. When it comes to wet performance, the Interlok float valve and safety net filter ensure continuous trouble free operation. The 38mm (11/22) Accessory Kit is available with 2.5m combinations of accessories and 3 piece stainless steel tube set or two kit
Interlok MV 25 Industrial Vacuum
Designed for mobility and ease of use this range of industrial vacuum cleaners has a canister, chassis, float and motor head made from resilient and dent proof injection moulded plastic. This model range is available as either dry pick up or wet and dry. The advanced specifications of these vacuum cleaners make them particularly suitable for school, workshops, contract cleaning, warehouse, factories etc. Features: Choice of one or two vacuum motors Resilient dent proof construction Canister chassis Float and motor head made from corrosion resistant plastics Wet models easily converted to dry pick up Motor protected against overheating by therm
MOR 902 WD Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner
MOR 902 WD Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner The standard 900 series in design, construction and performance is simply something that must be experienced to be believed. The full Structofoam construction alone sets it apart from all the others, but couple this to the unique multipurpose tipper system for emptying, and you have a truly simple machine that could be used anywhere by anybody and emptied quickly and easily, be it in floor drain or WC. The power and performance to the full TwinFlo’ specification is exceptional and there is a choice of one or two-motored models, both of which include the Nucable replaceable cable system as standard. The 38mm (1 1/2”) accesso
Morclean BackPack Vac
With the BackPack is discreet, lightweight and ergonomic design, you could quite easily forget that you're wearing it! In confined areas or congested environments there can be no doubt that the practical features of the Back Pack Vac brings with it great advances in convenience cleaning. In many countries back pack cleaning has become commonplace with substantial improvements in cost effective operation. Particular attention has been paid to user comfort, convenience and safety with an ergonomically designed, comfortable harness system; lighter weight and lower noise levels. The Morclean Back Pack's performance is excellent, with the extra large filter system and the Hepaflo d
MV10 1 Vacuum Cleaner
These are the toughest small industrial vacuum cleaners you can buy. The motor heads are electrostatically powder coated pressed steel and the canisters are non-magnetic corrosion resistant stainless steel or electrostatically powder coated pressed steel. They are all fitted with a powerful yet reliable twin fan motor to give yearsof faithful service. Excellent manoeuvrability and stability is ensured by their four widely spread heavy duty castors. The MV 10/1 is mounted on a four castor base especially suitable for rougher floor surfaces. All these models have the facility to attach the hose to the exhaust to make a powerful blower. These advanced design features make the
NV2000 Super Capacity Vacuum Cleaners
Features Kit BB5 included Various options of hoses gulper tools floor pick up tools available. Large transit wheels grab handles Quick release sytem for easy emptying of the drum after use. 76mm cyclonic entry with a 51mm reducer enables use of various hose kits Robust stainless steel container fitted to chassis for easy transportation. Suitable Uses The MTD 2000 is used to pick up larger quantities of dry matter. In an industrial environment or for general, warehouse, factory cleaning. Limitations This machine is not suitable for wet liquids and the removal of hazardous or volatile substances. Specification Motor: 2000
PCV1 Photocopier Vac for Office Machinery
Built without compromise this compact vacuum cleaner is fitted with a 1,000W heavy duty vacuum motor of the latest design. Its pressed steel construction is light weight yet robust enough to take heavy use. Designed to be used for the cleaning of photocopiers, printers, office machinery and domestic central heating boilers. It is housed in a sturdy black fibre carrying case which also contains the hose and tools. Features Treble filtration Speed control Motor protected by thermal cut out switch TV and radio suppressed Self adhesive disc to seal up paper bags when full (pack of 10 supplied with machine) Tool Kit comprising; 25mm x 1.5mm ho
Prima and Prima CD Vacuum Cleaner
Built without compromise the Prima and Prima CD are fitted with a powerful yet reliable twin fan motor offering years and years of faithful service. Built to a specification and not a price, these models will still be performing when others have long since taken early retirement. These models are moulded from resilient impact resistant plastics, which make them lightweight yet robust enough for use in the toughest environments. Excellent menoeuvrability and stability is ensured by their four widely spread large twin wheel castors Both models have 10 metres of cable with a moulded on plug. The Prima CD has the extra advantage of a manually operated cable rewind mechanism. These adv
Pro Range Pro Lite, small but powerful dry professional vacuum cleaner
Effective, small but powerful dry professional vacuum cleaner: it is surprisingly light and handy. The Pro Lite is ideal for everyday and industrial use. It has a quiet motor and lots of accessories. Silenced single stage motor Paper and cartridge filter Shock and overturn proof design Integrated accessory holder Handle with double function: cover blocking and releasing, carrying handle
Pro Range Pro Ultra, small but powerful dry professional vacuum cleaner
Pro Ultra   Effective, small but powerful dry professional vacuum cleaner: it is surprisingly light and handy. Silenced single stage motor (high efficiency) Exhaust air filter Pedal power switch Integrated accessory holder Quick power cable replacing system
Upright Vacuum Cleaner
The Morclean MV 350 and MV 460 range of twin motor upright vacuum cleaners are constructed to be versatile in use, reliable in service and easy to maintain. Designed to clean efficiently almost any type of floor surface from hard floors to carpets due to their motor driven and height adjustable brushes. The lift out hose, wand and cleaning tools enable these models to perform suction vacuum cleaning, a task only previously possible with canister vacuum cleaners. These cleaners are suitable for use in shops, offices, schools, restaurants, hotels, public buildings, contract cleaning and local authorities. Upright Vacuum Cleaner Features 3 stage filtration 150W fan