SiteMaster Scrubber Dryers

SiteMaster Scrubber Driers are durable, easy to use and robust machines available in a range of sizes to suit all needs. Powered either by battery, electric or traction, the machines all feature a strong rotational moulded housing and tough aluminium squeegee assemblies.

The SiteMaster Scrubber Driers aim to be availble at competitive prices and provide an alternative for operators in various industry sectors.

The machines are available in three sizes to suit different industries and needs.

Sitemaster 430B Scrubber Drier from Morclean
Simple to use medium sized walk behind scrubber drier. The perfect solution for scrubbing and drying in mid sized and heavy traffic areas.  Product Sitemaster 430B Product details   SOLUTION TANK (L) 40 RECOVERY TANK (L) 40 BRUSH MOTOR (W) 550 VACUUM MOTOR POWER (W) 350 VACUUM (MMH20) 1200 SOUND PRESSURE LEVEL (dB(A)) 70 BATTERY TYPE 2X12V 85Ah/20h AGM BATTERY COMPARTMENT SIZE (LXWXH) (MM) 340x330x2
SiteMaster 450E, compact and durable scrubber drier
This compact and durable scrubber drier is an affordable and an easy to use apparatus and enables the user to maneuver and adjust handle height easily. With a 450 mm scrubbing width and a 30 Kg pad pressure, the 450E enables a well balanced and effective cleaning operation. Floors can be cleaned in a single go due to its heavy duty squeegee and efficient water collection mechanism. A good all rounder and great value for money. Features: Compact Design HD Cast aluminum squeegee assembly Simple, easy to use controls Rotationally moulded polyethylene tanks Attractive Styling Well Balanced Easy to Service Design Adjustable Handle Height
SiteMaster 510, medium sized scrubber drier
SiteMaster 510B & 510BT The 510B and 510BT are medium sized machines and provide a larger cleaning surface as well as the flexibilty of having an on board charger within the rotationally moulded housing. The operation of this machine is made even easier with its variable speed transaxle drive and forward and reverse controls. The 500 Series machines are also available with or without optional traction drive. Features: Variable Speed Transaxle Drive Forward and reverse drive H.D. Cast aluminium squeegee assembly Extra set of squeegee blades on board Simple and easy to use controls Rotationally moulded housing 23 Kg Pad Pressure
SiteMaster 600 710, 710mm scrubbing width
SiteMaster 600/660 and 710BT This is the largest of the three SiteMaster Series and also provides the largest cleaning coverage. With up to 710 mm scrubbing width and up to 910 mm squeegee width, this heavy-duty machine enables optimum performance and coverage. The ergonomically designed H.D Aluminium Casting enables the user to easily see the floor around them and again also takes advantage of its forward and reverse controls. The 600//660 and 710BT also boasts both a Variable pad pressure and speed ability, which in hand improves the flexibility for a number of different jobs. This machine is also equipped with a 75Ltr recovery tank for larger floor areas and offers a complete a