Electrically Heated Low Volume Vapour Steam Machines

Our steam cleaners have an internal tank with a 2.5L - 10.0L capacity. Tap water is used to make steam at 4.5 bar - 10 bar pressure and produces steam vapour temperatures at up to 185° Celsius. The steam boiler, manufactured in stainless steel, is explosion proof and safety devices provide steam pressure at both constant and variable rates.

Morclean's steam cleaners, providing a large amount of over saturated steam, will hygienically clean all surfaces. There are no restrictions on how the steam cleaners unit could be used, however the steam cleaners are mostly utilised for cleaning and sterilising floors and tiles, catering equipment and kitchens, fridges, freezers, engineering, printing and textile applications.

Cleaning by traditional cleaning methods remove dirt mechanically by water, but some dirt can remain in the pores of the surfaces. Disinfectants also act mainly on the surface, so bacteria can survive and be ready to grow again. The cleaned surface reflects the light and looks sparkling, but it's only a visual impression of cleanliness.

To clean by high temperature steam reaches the organic materials deep down the surface. The dead organisms, even in the innermost pores, can then be removed by using only water and micro fibre cloths. New germs cannot find a proper ground to grow. Rinsing water, residuals and wastes are all 100% biodegradable.


Vision Steam CO3000
Vision Steam CO3000 A tough and robust machine designed to enable cleaning of the highest quality to be undertaken whatever and wherever the job. The steam super-heated to 180?C nominal and delivered at 8 bar pressure allows the detailed cleaning of a huge variety of surfaces ñ from the sanitising of kitchen, baking and food manufacturing equipment to road film, graffiti and gum removal. The chemical injection facility allows the use of a suitable mild cleaning agent. The industrial strength vacuum enables the simultaneous removal of moisture and the residue of grease and grime.
Vision Steam SV9000
Vision Steam SV9000 Compact, manoeuvrable and very powerful the SV9000 is a heavy industrial 3-phase machine with two boilers generating approximately 213 litres of steam per minute. Steam Super-Heated to 180?C and delivered at 8 bar pressure will make light work of even the most stubborn baked on grease, yet it is completely environmentally friendly! OPTIONAL EXTRAS Optional 1200W Wet/Dry Vaccum inc Heavy Duty Accessory kit Optional 3500W 3 Stage Wet/Dry Vaccum inc Heavy Duty Accesory Kit
Vision Steam VP1700
The VP1700 is a compact machine made to tackle the often harsh reality of contract cleaning. The VP1700 is ideal for use in restaurants and kitchens, restrooms, hotels, nursing homes, automotive, schools, supermarkets, food processing and many more. Voltage 230V Maximum Pressure  7Bar Maximum temp 165 degrees C Steam volume 125L/Min water tank volume 2Ltr Electric power 2600Watt Boiler Volume 3Ltr Dimensions 560L x 350W x 930Hmm Weight
Vision Steam VP18K
With four boilers supplying about 427 litres of super-heated steam per minute at 10-bar pressure this machine is the supreme industrial cleaner. Within the food processing and printing industries, as well as the heavy engineering environment, the VP18K has all the power you need. It is particularly well suited to static operation in conjunction with a belt cleaner to ensure the highest levels of hygiene. Electrical Supply 380V - 3 phase Current 18,000 watts Amps 32 amp plug Water Tank 20 Litres Stainless steel boilers 4 x 4.5Ltrs
Vision Steam VP3600
Vision Steam VP3600 Compact, manoeuvrable, and very powerful, the VP3600 has become the best seller of our range. The powerful vacuum cleaner and steam super-heated to 180degrees C and delivered at 8 bar pressure make this the ultimate super cleaner. The VP3600 enables either simultaneous or independent use of the industrial strength vacuum or the super-heated steam facility. A feature allowing the addition of mild detergents to the dry steam as it is released from the cleaning head is also available with the VP3600. This is a tough machine for the toughest cleaning jobs. Features Supplied with 2 comprehensive accessory kits comprising: 2" round brush 3 x detail brush (n
Vision Steam VPX2200
Guest houses, small hotels and restaurants, fast food outlets, butchers, nursing homes, leisure centres, gymnasia and swimming pools - in fact anywhere requiring efficient cleaning and sanitising. The VPX2200 combines all the inherent benefits of steam cleaning with the simultaneous use of a professional wet/dry vacuum cleaner. Voltage 230Volt Warm up time 9 Min Max power 2200 Watts Water Resevoir 5 Ltr Steam Pressure 6 Bar Adjustable Steam Yes Stainless steel boiler (capacity) 3Ltr
Vision Steam VPX3500
The most powerful steam only machine in the range, ideally suited for factories, industrial outlets and chewing gum removal. Large quantities of chewing gum are thoughtlessly discarded each day on our streets. Traditional methods of gum removal are slow and ineffective. Now, using dry steam and a suitable environmentally friendly cleaning agent, chewing gum can be removed quickly and completely. This process is equally applicable to external surfaces such as pavements, concrete and natural stone and internal surfaces like matting, carpets and furniture. Electriacal Supply 230V 50Hz Power 3500Watts Water Tank
VP2200 Morclean Vapour Steam Cleaner
COMPACT ALL IN ONE MACHINE.   The VP2200 is our compact 2 in 1 machine, consisting of a steam cleaner and vacuum on a trolley.   The steam cleaner can be used as a stand alone machine that's easy to carry and works in the tightest spots or can be placed into its dedicated vacuum trolley for steam and vacuum applications. The steam section is engineered to run continuously or on demand, you choose, and is available with a selection of accessories and hoses to suit your needs.    Ideal for many applications including resaurants, rest rooms, hotels, gum removal and schools.   Technical Spec Voltage 230v
VP2600 Vapour Steam Cleaners from Morclean
A steam cleaner specifically for continuous use with detergents or other additives at low dosage. A special controller regulates the injection of detergents into the steam, greatly enhancing the speed and efficiency of the steam. It is ideal for the removal of chewing gum, grease, baked on food residue, mould, etc. 10 litre canisters for water and detergent allow for hours of non stop use. Compact, robust and extremely flexible for easy gum removal.