Guidelines and Regs

PPG 13 Guidelines
Pollution prevention guidelines Vehicle washing and cleaning: PPG13   These guidelines are jointly produced by the Environment Agency for England and Wales, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, and the Environment and Heritage Service for Northern Ireland (referred to here as ‘we’ or ‘us’).   Following this good practice guidance doesn’t remove your responsibility to comply with the law and prevent pollution from your activities. Causing or allowing pollution is a criminal offence; compliance with this or any guidance isn’t a defence. You should make sure that the references to other sources of guidance are still current
PPG 3 Guidelines
Pollution prevention guidelines Use and design of oil separators in surface water drainage systems: PPG 3 These guidelines will help you decide if you need an oil separator at your site and, if so, what size and type of separator is appropriate. Following the good practice described does not remove your obligation to comply with relevant legislation and to prevent pollution from your site. Pollution of the environment is a criminal offence and compliance with one or more Guidance Note is not a defence to such offences. You should check the references to other sources of guidance to ensure they are still current. These guidelines are produced jointly by the Environment