Morclean News

As we explore new concepts, fresh challenges create the need for new designs and ideas for our team every day. Here are some of the news items, if you would like to make any contribution please contact one of our team.

In such a demanding environment, quality issues are all important. We are pleased to announce that both internal and external quality audits therefore ensure our quality administration systems have been assured and approved (to the standards and guidelines of BS EN ISO 9000:2000).

As Legislation changes, many of our client’s demands are to satisfy the latest environmental changes. Our latest achievement is to be accredited to IS0 14001 which means we are always updated with the latest legislation and have the understanding and knowledge to advise accordingly.

As a result, much of our advancement has been in areas of water technology and water reclaim.

Projects and Case Studies
We realise that bespoke installations and machines mean machines are difficult if not impossible to catalogue. Please ask to see a copy of recent case studies, water and vacuum projects, that describe previously designed systems and applications. Alternatively you can view the Projects online at this web site.

Previously completed water projects include high pressure installations for de-mineralised and purified water, various zone ratings within hazardous areas, and specially built units for off-shore and shipping applications. Some of our vacuum projects include high filtration, auto pump out and high capacity vacuums.

Morclean supply Industrial Cleaning Equipment, this is not usually suitable for domestic operation and use. While we would be pleased to assist with clients who are setting up a business for commercial use, we are generally unable to provide machines for use in the home. Thank you.