ThermaFlow Low Flow

ThermaFlow Low Flow

This all electric heated high pressure washer is unique to the cleaning industry overcoming the traditional problems with great new features which focuses on saving water, durability and ensuring no emissions or carbon footprint.

The machine operates at either 2.5 litres or 5 litres per minute flow rate, unlike traditional pressure washers which are diesel fired and operate at between 15 to 21 litres per minute.

The ThermaFlow advantages:

  •   Sustainable- Generates constant hot water of up to 80ºC, equivalent to its diesel counterpart; without temperature fluctuations or heat loss.
  •   Durable - Heat is generated in thermal tubes beyond the pump, resulting in reduced pump and seal wear
  •   Ecological – No fuel or detergent is needed, these exceptional results are achieved by using only hot water and electronically operated. 
  •    Saves water and energy - Water is efficiently heated on demand to eliminate wasted energy and uses around 75% less water than diesel operated pressure washers.
  •   Less mess - With reduced water flow rates and precision pressure jets it makes it easy to obtain efficient cleaning operations without producing unmanageable masses of falling water making     it suitable to be used indoors.

Because the machine is electrically heated it is suitable for use indoors so is ideal for transport, motor trade, marine, clinical and food preparation environments - where high pressure, fume free cleaning is required.