MHSPM3 Hot Static

MHSPM3 Hot Static

Standard Features

·         Full frost protection and cabinet lagging

·         Efficient M2 boiler system

·         Double spiral M2 coil

·         Automatic stop/start system

·         High pressure chemical system

·         Professional interpump with ceramic pistons

·         Industrial 1450rpm 4 pole electric Nicolini Motor

·         Flame failure and leak detection system

·         16lt fuel tank with low level sensor

·         Burner control with flow switch and thermostat

·         24v low tension safety controls

·         Mains power on lamp 

Type Static
Chemical High Pressure
Motor Specification 7.5hp, 1450rpm
Pressure 200bar/ 3000psi
Product Weight 250kg
Power Supply 415v
Shutdown System Auto stop/start
Temperature 0-100
Water Hot 

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