Simplex 1 and 2 Cold Water Pressure Washers

Simplex 1 and 2 Cold Water Pressure Washers

The Morclean Simplex is a simple, robust and economically designed pressure washer mounted on 4mm steel plate, supplied with control box (remote switch) with 5m cable. A simple and robust cold water machine, plate mounted and open design to save frame, covers, wheels and overall fabrication costs, but still using heavy duty parts and components. The on/off switch is supplied with 5M cable to allow for fitting the machine in a plant room or building and the switch adjacent to it.

Please note: the machine is supplied without a hose gun and lance.

Designed for a plant room or housing, therefore frost protection is not an option because the machine is a simple, open design, fitted on a mounting plate.


Two Models available:


SIMPLEX 1 - Technical Spec - 100/12 E1

Voltage 230v single phase
Pressure 1500psi/100BAR
Flow 12 lpm
Motor 3HP
Unloader K3

interpump evolution 2


Nozzle size 1505
Feature WW voltage total stop


SIMPLEX 2 - Technical Spec - 150/14 E2

Voltage 415v single phase
Pressure 2200psi/150BAR
Flow 14 lpm
Motor 5.5HP
Unloader K5

interpump evolution 2


Nozzle size 1506
Feature WW voltage total stop