Washer, Static Pressure

Washer, Static Pressure
Washer, Static Pressure

These rugged cabinets come complete with a removable lid for easy servicing and are constructed of either robust steel which is stove enameled or stainless steel. This is ideal for anyone who requires a fixed, secure, safe unit. They are each built to the customer's specification and can be supplied in any colour. These units come complete with variable pressure control, thermostat, thermal overloads, auto time shut down, 10m high pressure hose, gun and lance. 

 The unit is housed in a strong steel lockable container. A permanent connection is made to mains power, water services and a direct connection to a provided self bunded fuel tank.

The controls for temperature, flow, pressure and detergent amount are all contained inside the cabinet.

Available in various specification's, please see below examples:

  • From 1500 to 3000Psi
  • From 12Lpm to 21Lpm
  • Available in 110, 240 & 415Volts
Pump 3 piston plunger pump
Motor Brook Hansen
Auto time stop Adjustable - factory set 2 mins
Low voltage controls 24 volts 240 volts
Water tank 5 gallons
Chemical system High pressure injection
Maximum inlet temp 40C 
Outlet temp range 10-120C
Height without cowl Hot - 1590mm  Cold - 1140mm
width Hot - 840mm   Cold - 840mm
depth Hot - 580mm  Cold - 510mm
weight Hot - 200-230kg   Cold- 100kg
Fuel pump Hot - Electric    Cold - n/a