UHP Jetters

Morclean offer a range of hot or cold high pressure water jetters and steam cleaners to fit your needs. Our range consists of portable, petrol or diesel driven machines available in highway or plant versions for towing by road vehicles or plant machinery on site which can be mounted to skids, trailers or water bowsers.

For mobile and site work we have available self contained water tanks in a variety of sizes enabling the pressure washer to have a constant hot or cold water supply without having to connect to a mains water supply. They are often baffled to restrict the movement of liquid when in transit and can be galvanised to protect against rust. .  

The SSM range is ideal for use where power and water isn’t available, being highly diverse and can be used in a variety of industries such as;


  • Quarry, landfill and opencast sites
  • Airports and aircraft hangers
  • Shipping ports and docks
  • Parks and recreational areas
  • Paint and lime scale removal
  • Graffiti, fly poster and chewing gum removal
  • Mobile car valeting
  • Patio and drive cleaning



Sitemaster Specialist Models (SSM Range) Cold Water Jetters
Morclean’s Sitemaster series cold water jetters feature higher pressures and flow rates for heavy and industrial applications. The machines can be manufactured on a trolley with wheels making them easily portable with a diesel engine or on a steel skid frame with an electric motor to power the pump. The machines have been designed to withstand extreme conditions built with extra heavy duty pumps making them robust and durable. All available with accessories such as hose, lance and gun. 
Sitemaster Specialist Models (SSM Range) Hot Water Jetters
The Sitemaster series of hot water jetters have pressures of 200-500 bar and flow rates of 30 – 45 litres per minute. The unit has two boilers for optimum temperate and manufactured on a steel skid for ease of portability. Units can be made with additional frames and lifting eyes, or fork lift pockets for transportation. The SSM series is ideal for high demand applications where cleaning and jetting efficiency is essential.