UItra High Pressure

The Morclean Sitemaster range of Ultra High Pressure Water Blasters (electric and engine driven) are heavy duty, high performance machines designed for the professional, industrial user. They are ideal for use in robust environments such as off shore, shipping, marine, building and construction, automotive, manufacturing, oil and gas and power plants.

This new range is designed not only to clean surfaces but also to blast off scale, grime, rust and graffiti as well as roughening and even cutting through concrete surfaces.

The water jetter machines will also remove algae off concrete constructions, paint, graffiti and rust off steel and concrete surfaces, dust, dirt, soil and mud off floors, oil & grease off engines and mechanical parts, dirt and salt deposits off ship decks, lime scale deposits and marine growth and cleaning construction machinery, equipment and scaffolding.

The specifications of these machines are extremely varied and range from 250 Bar to 2500 Bar (3625 Psi to 36000 Psi), 16 L/min to 80 L/min and 15 Kw to 113 Kw ensuring that whatever your industry, or your application...

Morclean Ultra High Pressure Jetters provide the solution.

The EcoTherm is a new edition to Morclean’s UHP hot water jetters. The trailer mounted unit is extremely powerful, available in either 600 bar or 800 bar pressure. The machine cleans highly effectively heating up hot water from its own twin boiler system reaching temperatures of up to 95 degrees centigrade.  Built on a sturdy single axle trailer it can be towed by most vehicles and common driving licences. Its compact lightweight construction makes it easily portable, featuring integral fuel and water tanks and lance and hose storage. 
Electric Driven Morclean ME 500 30
Morclean ME-500/30 Model Morclean ME-500/30     Pressure (bar/psi) 500 (7250) Flow (L/min/USgpm) 30 (7.9) Power Consumption (Kw/Hp) 30 (40) Power Supply (v) 380-415/3ph/50Hz 440/3ph/60Hz2/h Motor Spec (Rpm) 1450/1750 El-cable, Oil resistant (m) 15 High Pressure Hose (m) 20 Water Inlet Temp (?C) 60 Weight (kg) 425 Dimensions LxWxH (mm) 1495x950x1235
Electric Driven Morclean ME-250 350 500
Morclean ME-250, 350, 500 Model Morclean ME-250 ME-350 ME-500     Pressure (bar/psi) 250 (3625) 350 (5075) 500 (7250) Flow (L/min/USgpm) 26 (6.9) 21 (5.5) 16 (4.2) Power Consumption (Kw/Hp) 15 (20) 15 (20) 15 (20) Power Supply (v) 380-415/3ph/50Hz 380-415/3ph/50Hz 380-415/3ph/50Hz Motor Spec (Rpm) 1450/1750 1450/1750 1450/1750 El-cable, Oil resistant (m)
Electric Driven Ultra High Pressure Water Blaster Morclean ME 800-20
Morclean ME-800/20 Features • Solid, galvanised & powder coated frame • Triplex pump with solid ceramic plungers • Duplex-steel valves • Stainless Steel valve casing & pump-head • Built-in safety valve & booster pump • Pneumatic wheels for easy transportation • Easy access to pump for maintenance • Weatherproof star/delta starter box • Non-corrosive material used in pumps & fittings • 80L water break tank with filter & inlet float valve • Drip return ensuring long seal life and drip free operation • Identical suction & discharge valves, easily replaceable • Crankcase of solid cast-iron ensuring stability and v
Engine Driven Ultra High Pressure Water Blasters MC 2070 and MC 2500
Morclean MC-2070/26D, 2500/25D   Model MC-2070/26D MC-2500/25D Pressure (bar/psi) 2070 (30000) 2500 (36000) Flow (L/min/USgpm) 26.0 (6.8) 25.0 (6.6) Power Consumption (Kw/Hp) 90.0 (120.0) 113.0 (150.0) Engine Deutz 6 Cyl. Turbo Charged Air Cooled Diesel Deutz 6 Cyl. Turbo Charged w Intercooler Air Cooled Diesel Engine Speed (Rpm) 1800 1800 Pump Speed (Rpm) 510 510 High Pressure Hose (m) 20+7
Washman Plus Ultra High Pressure Jet Washer
The Washman Plus is the ultimate in high power cleaning. This ultra strong pressure washer is ideal for large industrial jobs or somewhere where you just need more from a jet washer.  This super strong, high power pressure washer can deliver something extra. You can see just how powerful it is in the video below. It can take on any tough cleaning task and make it look easy.    With 300bar 4350psi pressure it makes industrial cleaning look and feel easy.           TECHNICAL SPEC Pressure 300 BAR 4350Psi Flow 21 LPM
Water Jetting Applications Chart The applications chart below is intended as a rough guide to the various applications which the Ultra High Pressure Water Jetters can be used for. New applications are constantly being discovered Water Jetting Applications Chart Industries Applications Recommended Pressures (BAR)   ALUMINIUM PLANT Hardened bauxite dust on mills, filters, floors, tanks, sumps and sewers 690 - 2,800 AVIATION Expansion joints, grease, rubber and hydraulic fluids on runways 690 - 1,379 BRE