The Oilsafe range of separators are designed where free floating oils are present and outflow typically from yards, hardstandings or higher risk areas can outflow to surface drains or watercourses.

Constructed from GRP they are available as a standard supply for areas of between 200M² and 5500M² or built to order for bespoke or specialist applications.

The tanks are designed for where there is a risk of contamination with oil or a foreseeable risk of significant spillages, such as a breakers yard, maintenance facility or an area where oils are stored.

Our oilsafe separators have at least one 600mm access chambers so that when installed they are neatly concealed yet accessible, under a standard 600mm cover and lid*

In applications where the outflow is higher than the tank, the outflow is higher than the tank, the separator can be used in conjunction with a Morclean pumping chamber or pumping station.

Please note the oil separators are not suitable for vehicle wash bay applications.

Specification and technical details are available on request.

*Manway Covers and lids are an added extra. Pumping stations are also all available above ground.

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