Graffiti and Gum Removal

graffiti removalGraffiti - the problem
One in three people say graffiti and vandalism are problems in their area. New measures in the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003 that come into force today will tackle the perpetrators and clean up the environment.Under the plans local authorities will be able to impose penalty notices of £50 for graffiti and fly-posting. Pilot plans to allow Councils to clean street furniture such as phone boxes will begin in twelve areas. The measures will equip local councils, police, housing officers, environmental officers and others with the tools they need to deal with this type of anti-social behaviour which impacts on communities across the country.

Home Office Minister Hazel Blears said graffiti is an eye-sore which blights communities.

"It affects people's quality of life, increases fear of crime and reduces pride in a community. It also costs us all millions of pounds a year to clean-up - money which could be better spent on other valuable services."

In November the Home Office launched the 'Name that Tag' campaign in London, Liverpool and Manchester, offering a reward of £500 for information about prolific offenders.


Chewing gum - the facts
A recent survey of all 33 of London's borough councils to uncover the extent of the problem, and found that:chewing gum removal

  • Every borough that responded believed discarded gum was an environmental nuisance.
  • 81% believed that gum companies should put more effort into developing biodegradable gum.
  • 53% did not think imposing fines would stop people from dropping used gum on the street.
  • 41% had already established teams to remove gum from streets and street furniture.

The solution
Morclean produce a range of high pressure and vapour steam cleaners for graffiti and chewing gum removal. Typically the units are engine driven for portability, and use either high pressure up up to 3000psi - or high temperature low volume vapour steam. Morclean's Sitemaster range of chewing gum and graffiti removal machines can be used for both purposes, as well as poster removal, street cleansing and general cleaning.



Aquaboom Water Containment
Water used in graffiti removal contain solvents, paint, chemicals and other substances that should not outflow to surface drains or water courses. To contain the outflow we also provide Aquaboom water containment devices, vacuums and water tank which will prevent the substances entering into the water systems. For further information on this product please email us on or call 0800 1300 402
Rotary Cleaning Head for removal of Graffiti
The rotary cleaning head can be used on a vertical surface for the removal of graffiti from walls. The rotary head is also fitted with an optional vacuum port so that a vacuum cleaner can be attached in order to remove the waste water, paints and solvents during graffiti removal in sensitive area. Used conventionally the rotary head prevents splashing and overspray, and can be used in public areas. When used with a coupled vacuum the rotary head prevents most of the water escaping and the contaminated water can then be contained for disposal
Skid Mounted Jetter for Graffiti Removal
Skid mounted jetter built for graffiti removal, a powerful 3000psi hot water / steam cleaner jetter driven by a 15HP diesel electric start Kubota engine for aggressive cleaning and removal of graffiti from brick and stone. The skid was specifically designed for use on a pallet truck for added portability as some areas could not be accessed by a vehicle or trailer. The heavy duty steel frame protects the engine, pump and other components and the operator has access to temperature, flow, pressure and chemicals etc. This unit produces 200 Bar pressure at a lesser 15 Lpm flow rate to reduce waste water and was fitted with a 30M hose