Past Projects and Examples

Special Build Portable High Pressure
Morclean produce bespoke and specially built units for various applications. These are examples of previous projects and case studies, trailer and bowsers can be built from 500 Ltrs to 5000 Ltrs and with numerous options of hot or cold pressure washers and jetters.

These self contained mobile machines therefore have their own water supply and can be used anywhere, the below examples include jetters for airports, hot water pressure washers with safety cages and tool boxes.

The optional built in water tanks are generally made from polypropylene and are always baffled to prevent disturbance to the vehicle due to the water movement inside the tank. The water tank provides a reservoir or header tank of water so that the high pressure cleaner or steam cleaner can be used on site without the need for a water supply or tap.

The high pressure machines are driven by a diesel or petrol engine so that no mains electrical power is required. The steam cleaner or washer is totally independent and can then be used on site to provide hot or cold water anywhere at the turn of a key.


2500Ltr Water Bowser with Engine Driven Pressure Washer
A simple but effective engine driven pressure washer fitted to a 2500 Ltrs water bowser. The electric start pressure washer produces 3000psi and features a Honda GX hand start petrol engine. The high capacity water bowser is fitted with a standard road going tow hitch and has a single axle, the pump produces 2200 psi of cold water at 15 Lpm and is a very simple design - providing high performance at a budget.
500Ltr Water Bowser
Super slim line and lightweight 500 Ltrs water bowser with fast fill port and fitted with a 3000 psi cold water jetter and 30M stainless steel fast track hose reel. The water jetter is used for rapid quick stop washes and can be towed behind a small van due to it's light weight. The pressure wash is driven by a 11HP Honda GX 340 petrol engine with electric start for ultimate reliability and readiness
500Ltrs Water Bowser Fitted with Tool Box
Unique 500 Ltrs water bowser with 2320psi cold water jetter installed within a caged safety frame. The trailer is also fitted with a bespoke tool box for the operator to carry other items required on site. The cold water pressure washer is driven by a 5HP Honda engine and is fitted with a 25M retractable hose reel, all fitted within the safety cage
Bespoke trailer mounted unit
Bespoke trailer mounted unit built for a specialist contract cleaner with additional alternator and take off point with a 110 volts socket. The unit is fitted with a 17HP electric start engine and powers a high performance 3000psi hot water jetter. The powered outlet (yellow socket seen on the right hand side) is used by the operator for task lighting and to power a wet vacuum cleaner. The whole unit is mounted to a road going 2200 Ltrs baffled water bowser with fast fill inlet and the main pump is fitted with a detergent facility
Hot Water Jetter for Airport
Emergency incident unit hot water jetter for Heathrow Airport, 200 Bar hot water jetter with an electric start 17HP water cooled engine and acoustic panels to reduce noise levels. This unit provides hot water up to 90 degrees Cel at 3000psi without the need for mains power or water, and utilises a twin axle trailer and fast fill 2000 Ltrs water tank
Hot Water Mobile Jetter
A specially produced 10HP hot water mobile jetter producing 2500psi hot water from this compact engine driven unit. This bespoke until is used by a specialist contract cleaner for kitchen appliance cleaning in the major food outlets in the UK. The bowser is a compact 500 Ltrs capacity and is elliptical in section, baffled & moulded from polyethylene & fitted with a lockable outer hinged manlid cover, inner sealed vented manlid. The tank is secured to chassis with 2 stainless steel straps.1 rear tap fitted , bottom drain underneath rear of tank. Inner anti surge baffle
Self contained mobile trailer mounted bowser with NATO hitch
Built for the MOD this is a Highway water self contained mobile trailer mounted bowser with a NATO road towing hitch, fitted with road legal lights, NATO hitch, brakes, hand brake, jockey wheel, and number plate. Includes a NATO connector. Chassis constructed from 4" x 2" RSC fully welded with front standing plate and 'A' frame drawbar fully galvanised Axle/Suspension single avonride torsion beam axle fitted with 300 x 60 knott auto reverse brakes on 5 stud 6.1/2" pcd hubs, rated with 3000 kg Wheels & Tyres 2 No 750 x 16 x 12 ply radial tyres on 5 stud 6.1/2" pcd rims. Coupling Knott 3000kg capacity posibrake over run auto reverse c/w breakaway cable, spring assisted handbrake lever,
Skid Mounted Bowser complete with Irrigation Pump for Local Authority
Skid mounted 2000 Ltrs water bowser complete with irrigation pump for local authority. This machine is used for watering of flower beds and hanging baskets and utilises a 5HP Honda GX engine with hose, lance and sprinkler nozzle. The 25M hose reel is mounted to the robust yet lightweight steel frame and the whole unit can be placed on a flat bed van or a trailer so that it can be used on differing vehicles within the fleet
Trailer Mounted Jetter
Another of the 5 units sold to date to local hire firm MTH, these machines are robust and hard wearing - ideal for a hire fleet. The 3000psi jetters are fitted with an easy to read control panel where the operator can access the key start, temperature and detergent flow. Sight glasses and gauges for oil and water levels are readily visible and easy to check, the controls are minimal and straight forward. The water cooled Kubota engine provides quiet and reliable power in any location, and the units are fitted to road going trailers with standard towing hitch and lights
Van Mounted Hot Water Jetter
This van mounted hot water jetter for Heathrow Airport (BAA) was installed to the clients 'flat bed' Transit van and is used throughout the airport's apron for mobile cleaning. The machine is driven via an electric start 17.5HP engine and produces 200 Bar of hot water at 90 degrees Celsius (or 75 Bar at up to 140 degrees Celsius) and is housed within a frost protected cabinet. The unit also doses the clients detergents at a specified rate and is coupled to a water tank
Van Pack Machine and Water Tank
Fully fitted van pack with additional 500 Ltrs on board water tank that allows the operator to access 3000 psi of hot water on a mobile basis without the need for power or water. Hose reels are also mounted within the vehicle and the unit is driven by a 17.7 HP water cooled engine and produces 200 Bar at 1320 Ltrs per hour flow