PVC Washpad

PVC Washpad
PVC Washpad PVC Washpad PVC Washpad PVC Washpad PVC Washpad

When a business or company currently produces wastewater in one way or another, it has to be contained and possibly purified or removed. One way to collect and purify fluid waste products is to build a permanent facility but this often requires substantial investment and a permanent facility is not always a feasible solution.

A mobile receptacle with inflatable edges offers an alternative to this. The wash pad is mobile, inflatable or semi-permanent, flexible, easy to set up and remove. In addition, the pad can be supplied to meet your specifications in terms of dimensions, colour, design, etc. The vehicle can be driven on to the inflated or fixed mat and you have a fully portable wash pad.

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The inflatable wash pad was developed in response to market demand, resulting from environmental legislation and regulations.

It takes only seconds to inflate and the water tight floor can be used as an inflatable wash pad inflatable liquid tight floor, an inflatable water capture system or an inflatable car washing pad.

The inflatable wash pad can be supplied with a drain in the corners or as a complete water tight retainer.

Companies with this responsibility include garages, transport companies, valeting companies, car washing or mobile car wash outlets when washing vehicles, marinas and boatyards when hosing down and cleaning boats, dredging companies when collecting and purifying sludge etc. the fire brigade when collecting large quantities of contaminated drain water, and cattle breeders when collecting water during cleaning and disinfecting of vehicles.

PVC is a relatively economically priced material, it is easier to work with, it has high resistance to UV and can be made flame retardant. Generally PVC can be used for traditional diluted detergents used in vehicle washing. Only in higher concentrations PVC is not specifically resistant to oils, petrol, chemicals, acids etc.

A summary of the advantages of the floor:

The wash pad is mobile, flexible and fast to set up. The standard inflatable wash pad weighs only 1Kg per square metre and can be easily transported. They are durable, chemical-resistant and can be manufactured on a bespoke basis in various materials. Many applications are possible especially as the wash pad can be custom made.

When the vehicle drives onto the floor the edges bend and then return upright.Vehicles can drive on to the wash pad while it is inflated.

We can design and manufacture to any size using various colours. Commercial vehicles and cars generally fit onto a 3m wide floor, heavy goods vehicles are better using 4.5M wide floor but the wash pad can be specified in any practical size and dimension. The floor will not be damaged by the weight of the vehicle it is designed for This is a tested product, and has taken 18 months to develop, but manufacturing is taking place right now. We have a demonstrator at our premises for operators to test at anytime.

As well as the standard PVC coated polyester fabric (900g /sqm) but we can make them in other coated materials, anti static coatings, high resistance coatings for excessive chemicals and various foil coatings.

Quality control for water tightness and Safety notes.

Although innovative and easy to operate the wash pad is more than just a simple construction. All wash pads have to be fully tested and we guarantee water tightness of the floor. All welded joints and connections are vacuum tested and inspected during a quality procedure. Every wash pad is given a unique registration number which is printed on the side of the floor to ensure identification of all the products used during construction.

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