Industrial Vehicle Wash Systems

industrial vehicle wash systems

All drive through or pass through bus wash and lorry wash units are available in various sizes and wash combinations, built to the customer's requirements. Automatic cycles are programmed to suit the demands of the operator and size of the fleet.

Built from rigid galvanised frames the 2 brush or 3 brush roll-over units can be built in various combinations and layouts to meet customer requirements. Optional features include automatic frost protection, guide rails or under chassis washing. The system is manufactured and installed to suit all types of vehicles operated and the size of the fleet, and used by many operators where their simplicity of design and reliability are unequalled. All systems can be used in conjunction with a water reclaim unit.

AutoBus Industrial Drive Through Vehicle Wash
Industrial Bus Wash System. The new Morclean Industrial Bus wash System has been developed for customers who need to clean a large amount of vehicles quickly and efficiently. It can be manufactured and installed in various sizes and wash combinations to suit all types of vehicle and fleet size. Whether you have a fleet of single decker, double decker, luxury coaches or mini-buses , your needs can be accommodated. Built from rigid galvanised frames, the bus wash is a fixed vehicle wash with four vertical brushes and one horizontal brush, and it comes with total side closing. It has the capacity to wash up to 30 vehicles per hour. Automatic cycles are programmed to suit the
Car and Commercial Wash Bay Systems
Bespoke wash bay/car valeting bays for use with cars or other commercial vehicles. The valeting bays are usually made using a galvanised box section and fitted with plastisol or polycarbonate sheeting. Morclean design the valeting bays in house meaning they provide a bespoke solution for professional valeting outlets. Morclean also provide advice for valeting operations and major sites. These include multi-bay and high value valeting sites where there is a high volume of vehicles. For further information about our wash bays or valeting bays and the type of service we offer, please call 0800 1300 402 or email where a member of our sales team will be happy to a
Drive Through Lorry Wash
The Morclean Gantry Wash System is designed for the cleaning of irregular sized and shaped vehicles, using hot or cold water, and fully installed pipe work around the system. This provides access to high or irregular sized vehicles and is ideal for Transport, Waste Management or Plant. The pump unit, fuel and detergent is housed in a separate building and the system can be housed in a screen (SWS) to protect the surrounding area. The system is semi-automatic and one operator can access all the features without the need to either enter the plant room, switch on the unit, or the need for trailing cables and hoses. The operator can access high sided vehicles from the upper level of the w
Wash Tank and Screen
The Morclean wash tank is ideal for heavy parts or component washing. The tank/bay is self-contained and a polycarbonate screen is used on three sides to reduce and limit spray. Components are placed on the open mesh grating and the contaminated water falls into the base tank where it settles. The tank can be designed to incorporate an interceptor depending on client needs. This can save space and the need for excavation to install a secondary interceptor. Usually available in two different sizes - 2 metres and 3 metres.  For further information on the Morclean Wash Tank and Screens system please call us on 0800 1300 402 where a specialist member of our team will be able to run t