Drive Through Lorry Wash

Drive Through Lorry Wash
Drive Through Lorry Wash

The Morclean Gantry Wash System is designed for the cleaning of irregular sized and shaped vehicles, using hot or cold water, and fully installed pipe work around the system. This provides access to high or irregular sized vehicles and is ideal for Transport, Waste Management or Plant. The pump unit, fuel and detergent is housed in a separate building and the system can be housed in a screen (SWS) to protect the surrounding area.

The system is semi-automatic and one operator can access all the features without the need to either enter the plant room, switch on the unit, or the need for trailing cables and hoses. The operator can access high sided vehicles from the upper level of the walkway, and plug in to a conveniently placed point to access the required pressure etc.

Gantry Wash System Features

The controls for pressure, flow, detergent etc are all preset and the unit is auto stop start, is fully installed, and can be fitted over a separator to foul drainage (subject to local water authority approval)


All the system is protected with pressure and/or flow switches, hot water units include a failsafe photocell, all units are bespoke and/or customised

Gantry Wash System Options

The unit can be manufactured to any practical size and dimension, and to fit most vehicle sizes and application. The system is available as a portable custom built unit with no requirement for any civil works. Other options include twin lances, coin or token operation, frost protection, hose reels, foam kit etc. Morclean WRS - Water Recycling System - can also be used in conjunction with this system. Morclean would be pleased to liaise with end users, Design or Consulting Engineers, and Civil Engineers with any project

Lorry Chassis wash and HGV under chassis wash design

The Morclean Lorry Chassis Wash is a fully automatic under chassis lorry wash system, providing an effective solution to all under chassis cleaning to MOT and VOSA standards. The chassis wash jet system directs the high pressure nozzles to the lorry engines, gearboxes and axels. A high volume low pressure delivery of cold water with detergent injection on the first pass, and high pressure water (or water and detergent) cleans the lorry chassis on the return. This enables a consistent standard of cleaning of all the chassis to ensure acceptance to MOT under chassis wash standards with no damage to the vehicle and its components

Safety when operating the HGV under chassis wash system

No Health & Safety issues - No operator. The chassis wash system prevents any Health and Safety issues as the operator does not need to work under the vehicle or steam clean the chassis when it is in operation. This unit has been installed at various bus depots, hauliers and local authorities around the UK

Features of the Morclean HGV Chassis Wash

No damage to vehicles

Any positional combination of engine/gearbox/axlec con nfiguration can be efficiently cleaned

Quick & effective total under chassis cleaning

Complete cleaning cycle is 20 - 40 minutes

The Automatic HGV Chassis Wash can complete an MOT standard chassis clean in as little as 20 - 40 minutes. The Lorry Chassis Wash even comes equipped with a self-cleaning mechanism for maximum efficiency. The under chassis cleaning system offers bespoke and flexible operating programs with manual override for detail cleaning. Low clearance vehicles can also be accommodated with a low profile chassis wash cleaning system.The chassis wash system cleans under the chassis and removes grease and oils without the need for specialist training or complicated the operator needing to work under the vehicle