Wash Tank and Screen

Wash Tank and Screen
Wash Tank and Screen Wash Tank and Screen Wash Tank and Screen

The Morclean wash tank is ideal for heavy parts or component washing. The tank/bay is self-contained and a polycarbonate screen is used on three sides to reduce and limit spray. Components are placed on the open mesh grating and the contaminated water falls into the base tank where it settles. The tank can be designed to incorporate an interceptor depending on client needs. This can save space and the need for excavation to install a secondary interceptor. Usually available in two different sizes - 2 metres and 3 metres. 

For further information on the Morclean Wash Tank and Screens system please call us on 0800 1300 402 where a specialist member of our team will be able to run through your requirements and advise on certain designs and necessities. Alternatively you can email us on info@morclean.com

General Specification 



Base Tank

6mm fully welded




1000mm open mesh


80 x 80 x 5mm SHS



2m Version

3m Version



L 2m

L 3m

W 3m

W 4m

H 2m

H 2m