Kiosks and Housing

Kiosks and housings available from Morclean are designed for use as either plant or chemical secure storage units depending on your needs. 

The housings are ideal for the storage of vehicle wash equipment including plant machinery and detergents, polishes, and other items or tools which would need secure storage overnight.

You can find more information about our kiosks and housing below. 

Chemical Storage Housing Unit
Chemical housings from Morclean are used mainly for the storage or containment of liquids such as detergents. Ideal for storage of TFR (Traffic Film Remover), steam cleaner detergents, car valeting detergents or wheel cleaners etc. Storage for all your vehicle wash needs. Features: Galvanised steel containers double locks for security Protective powder coating in red RAL 3000 sumped base for accidental spillages/leaks Suspended grate floor optional shelving/tool bins Technical Specifications Model Length Width Height Weight Door Sump CS 2.3m
Plant Storage Housing Unit
These durable profile steel housings are ideal for storage or the housing of pumps, pressure washers or steam cleaners as well as general storage for parts, tools, components or similar. Available in two colours - RAL blue 5010 or RAL Green 6006 Sturdy, strong structures when secure housing is needed. Features Durable Locks Integrated gutter system Optional extras: distribution board, frost stat, lighting, single socket Technical Specifications Model Type Length Width Weight Door SB2M 2m 2075mm 2140m 325kg 1250mm