Single Brush

Single Brush Vehicle Wash machines

The Morclean GLIDE, DRIVE and FLITE machines are single brush mobile vehicle wash machines.

The GLIDE and DRIVE machines offer poweful cleaning power for all different sizes and shapes of vehicle, including coaches, buses, lorries, trucks and HGVs. 

Available in both battery and electric driven models, the GLIDE and DRIVE vehicle washes offer clean-energy cleaning for both small and large fleet sizes. 

The machines are simple and easy to use, as well as being cost and time effective. You simply pull the machine around the vehicle you wish to clean, and due to the direction the brush moves in, all you need to do is 'guide' the machine. It's that simple!

With many people now looking for alternatives to the large, costly, vehicle wash installations, the Morclean GLIDE and DRIVE offer a sensible, affordable and east-to-use alternative to solve your large vehicle wash problems. 

Features include: 

  • Electric detergent pump
  • Brush reversal
  • Inclination of washing brush
  • Forward/reverse motor
  • Battery option

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Crating and Shipping Single Brush
Crating and Shipping the Single Brush   Morclean has the facility to export all its goods, including the single brush vehicle wash machines. To ensure the machine is transported safely and securely we have a special made crate to pack the machine into. Unless the machine is transported door to door on a single shipment we always advise the use of a crate to ensure safe delivery. The crate compromises of a heavy-duty, polythene lined case. The sides, ends and lids are made from 9mm plywood boarded with soft wood framing. All of our timber is heat treated to ISPM/15 standards and suitable for export worldwide and would bear our unique forestry commission stamp as well a
Features and Improvements
Features and Improvements Morclean Mobile Single Brush Vehicle Wash   Over the past few months, Morclean have been working with the brush manufacturer for the single brush vehicle wash to improve and build upon the original features and tweak them for the industrial transport cleaning sector. New features to the GLIDE, DRIVE and FLITE models include;   - ergonomic handle for the GLIDE model for easy maneuverability  - new stainless steel casing - new all stainless steel handles - soft start switches with auto rotation - new programmer giving you the ability to select and factory set different speeds - improved quick release for wa
Single Brush Morclean DRIVE
The Single Brush Morclean DRIVE is the ultimate mobile vehicle wash machine. It uses battery power to conveniently and easily clean your vehicles, with built-in water tank to ensure an even water distribution. Like the Glide model, the single brush vehicle wash machine is an environmentally friendly alternative to the large industrial vehicle wash mechanisms. With an ergonomic control handle too, the machine ensures stable operation, making it perfect for fleet washes, truck washing, lorry washing and more. To operate, the operator pulls the machine along the vehicle so the machine can reach all parts of the vehicle. It’s quick, easy to use and makes light work of those tricky c
Single Brush Morclean FLITE
Single Brush Morclean GLIDE
The Morclean GLIDE is a mobile vehicle wash machine with a sturdy stainless steel case. The Morclean GLIDE edition is designed to not only make vehicle washing easier, but also to act as an environmentally friendly alternative to the large industrial vehicle wash mechanisms. This user-friendly alternative has built-in water saving jets which ensure little waste; saving you valuable cleaning time in the process. To operate, the operator pulls the machine along the vehicle so the machine can reach all parts of the vehicle. Washing time is approximately 5 minutes for a 12 metre vehicle. The mobile nature of this vehicle wash machine, means it is suitable for a wide range of
Used and Refurbished Machines
As well as brand new mobile single brush vehicle washes, Morclean also specialise in used and refurbished machines for the transport industry sector. Used machines are quite uncommon amongst this specialist and niche cleaning sector and it's something that not many industrial cleaning companies will offer. Morclean are pleased to be able to offer fully refurbished, single brush vehicle wash machines at a discounted price.    What exactly is a refurbished machine? Morclean will replace the wheels, bearings, motor, nozzle, brush and more to make the used machine look fully factory refurbished. It will be fully factory reconditioned and include warranty. The