Single Brush Morclean DRIVE

Single Brush Morclean DRIVE
Single Brush Morclean DRIVE Single Brush Morclean DRIVE Single Brush Morclean DRIVE

The Single Brush Morclean DRIVE is the ultimate mobile vehicle wash machine. It uses battery power to conveniently and easily clean your vehicles, with built-in water tank to ensure an even water distribution.

Like the Glide model, the single brush vehicle wash machine is an environmentally friendly alternative to the large industrial vehicle wash mechanisms. With an ergonomic control handle too, the machine ensures stable operation, making it perfect for fleet washes, truck washing, lorry washing and more.

To operate, the operator pulls the machine along the vehicle so the machine can reach all parts of the vehicle. It’s quick, easy to use and makes light work of those tricky corners.

The mobile vehicle wash machines make excellent portable options for Bus Wash, Lorry Wash and many other large vehicle cleaning needs.

Ideal for Single brush bus and truck washing.


-5 hour battery life

350Ltr water tank

-Brushes with reverse and decline functions

-control box

-detergent dispenser

-Option of wax

-Operating handles

-Option of light

-Splash Brushes


Technical Spec:

standard washing height  3200mm
washing heights of (mm) 3200/3800/4100 overall height +150mm
Weight (including/excluding Operator)  870kg/230kg.
washing speed 0.5-3 km/h
Water tank capacity 350 litre
Detergent Pump Electric
brush diameter 1050mm
Brush operate and decline 250mm
Reverse brushes  
max terrain slope 5 degrees
power 24 VDC GEL batteries
brushmotor 1000 watt 
forward and reverse motor 500 watt


For information on how a single brush could be more beneficial to you over a full installation, please click here for our comparison sheet.