Single Brush Morclean GLIDE

Single Brush Morclean GLIDE
Single Brush Morclean GLIDE Single Brush Morclean GLIDE Single Brush Morclean GLIDE

The Morclean GLIDE is a mobile vehicle wash machine with a sturdy stainless steel case. The Morclean GLIDE edition is designed to not only make vehicle washing easier, but also to act as an environmentally friendly alternative to the large industrial vehicle wash mechanisms.

This user-friendly alternative has built-in water saving jets which ensure little waste; saving you valuable cleaning time in the process.

To operate, the operator pulls the machine along the vehicle so the machine can reach all parts of the vehicle. Washing time is approximately 5 minutes for a 12 metre vehicle.

The mobile nature of this vehicle wash machine, means it is suitable for a wide range of tasks. These can include Lorry washing, Bus washing, coach washing, as well as the cleaning of other large vehicles. The portable single brush vehicle wash machine is also suitable for mobile fleet washing services.

Ideal for Single brush bus and truck washing.


-Frequency control

-Reverse rotation direction

-Control box

-Soap dispenser

-Waxing option

-Splash brushes

-Quick disconnect hose and electric cable


Technical Spec

standard washing height  3200mm
washing heights of (mm) 3200/3800/4100/4500 Overall height +100mm
Weight 175kg
electric soap pump 230 VAC
brush diameter 900mm
inclination of the washing brush 10 degrees (electrical)
brush reversal  
max terrain slop 5 degrees
water consumption 18-22 L/Min
Power 1 x 230/PE 1.2kw
brush motor 1100 watt 


For information on how a single brush could be more beneficial to you over a full installation, please click here for our comparison sheet.