Water Reclaim Systems

The sub-categories relate to different options available for water capture, discharge, and water reclaim. All of these are totally dependent on the site, conditions, and availability or proximity of a foul connection.

Either an outline plan or sketch of the site is usually needed, or a site survey as and when the development takes place.

All advice given is based on our interpretation of E.A. guidelines with regard to the discharge of contaminated water, namely that a vehicle wash bay should be an impermeable surface surrounded by a kerb and water diverted to a sealed sump. The obvious requirement is that contaminated water must not enter surface water or watercourse without prior consent.


The following Water Reclaim Systems are registered on the Water Technology List (unless otherwise stated) 


Morclean Aqua HD30
Features: This equipment can work with moving gantry or conveyor washes using hot and cold wax, shampoo and rinse aid. The system is fabricated in stainless steel grade 304 and the unit is also available with a weather proof canope for external siting with heaters for frost protection. Advantages Where water supply is restricted this system can be beneficial. Environmental agencies and water companies are becoming particularly concerned with the quality of effluent discharge consent limits.  Where there is no drainage available our Water Recycling System can permit the installation of vehicle washing installations as all the water is recycled. Spotless Rinse The A
Morclean Astra IT/51
Benefits: Fully enclosed option Civil costs are kept to a minimum Low capital and maintenance costs Transportable system Full/Partial reclaim options Features: The reclaim system is designed to operate with commercial or forecourt brush machines using hot and cold waxes, shampoos and rinses. Chemicals must be approved prior for compatibility. The treatment plant consists of split stainless steel tanks mounted with a common base plate. The plant utilises activated carbon filtration with option of spotless rinse and electro flocculation, and multi-cyclone solids separation. Construction: Frost protection is available with this unit, and it
Morclean Compact ST20
Benefits: Money saving  Pollution reducing  Low maintenance cost Complies with environmental agency requirements Can permit washing during shortage of water Features: The Morclean Compact is suitable for all jet and pressure systems. The systems consist of pre-filters, storage tank and booster pump, and an internal GAC filter/absorption bed. All controls are rated to IP55 and the system can be fully enclosed if required. Construction: The water recycling system is fabricated in stainless steel grade 304D. The unit is also available in a fully enclosed version with security and frost protection. Advantages: Water companies
Morclean Hydra HD35
Benefits: Can permit washing during water shortages Protects site income and car wash Increases water cost reduction  Helps save the environment by reducing water consumption and pollution Includes spotless rinse system which reduces spotting and streaking compared with mains water washing Includes water storage tanks Can operate on 20mm water supply (no need for expensive 50mm water supply) Features: The particular reclaim unit needed is specified according to the water usage of the wash machine in gallons or litres per minute i.e a rollover wash machine using a total of 32 gpm would need a Hydra 35 to match this usage. The tanks a
Morclean Prime KU50
Benefits: Available in Embossed Polyethylene tank or Stainless Low amp usage: 10amps/2 ½ kilowatts Measures only 1200 x 1200mm Can be used with all makes of pressure washers Features: The Morclean Prime is suitable for all jet and pressure wash systems. The system consists of pre-filters, an internal GAC filter/absorption bed, sand filter, storage tank, water rinse and booster pump. The system can be fully enclosed if required and all controls are rated to IP55. Construction: The jet wash water recycling system can be fabricated in hot wire welded embossed polyethylene or stainless steel grade 304D. Advantages: Water companies are havi
Water Recycling Technical Information
Water recycling technical information Water recycling systems are enjoying an expanding market at present due to the savings they can offer in the present climate of water privatisation, stricter effluent discharge consents, and rising effluent charges. Also the drought of 1989 brought many vehicle wash operators to a standstill due to the water authorities ban on the use of water for the washing of vehicles. Accent has been placed on a more compact design with lower running costs and lower capital costs, to make water recycling even more cost effective to the customer. Please note failure to use the correct wash chemicals will detriment the plants ability to remove impurities