Morclean Aqua HD30

Morclean Aqua HD30


This equipment can work with moving gantry or conveyor washes using hot and cold wax, shampoo and rinse aid. The system is fabricated in stainless steel grade 304 and the unit is also available with a weather proof canope for external siting with heaters for frost protection.


Where water supply is restricted this system can be beneficial. Environmental agencies and water companies are becoming particularly concerned with the quality of effluent discharge consent limits.  Where there is no drainage available our Water Recycling System can permit the installation of vehicle washing installations as all the water is recycled.

Spotless Rinse

The Aqua is available with a reverse osmosis system and its inclusion is strongly recommended to improve the wash quality. The drying action of the car wash can be greatly improved by the use of the spot-free facility. Customer satisfaction can be increased dramatically by using a better quality wash, there is also the opportunity to increase your income.


Water that is used during the vehicle washing and rinsing cycles is gathered in the below ground collection tank. Absorbent cellulose pads, which are located in the settlement tank, remove the oil present during vehicle washing operations. Floating coarse debris is trapped and settlement of grit and coarse sandy material also occurs in the settlement tank.

They are charged at a nominal 6v DC. The aluminium anodes, which are sacrificial, produce aluminium ions which breakdown and remove wax, hydrocarbons, detergent and other oils. This is then floated back to the sump tank using the air-flotation. The equipment should be operated in conjunction with a purpose built collection/interceptor tank.

The water rinse is provided by passing water through an extremely fine membrane which allows very little dissolved solids to pass. This gives virtually pure water compared with the average mains water of 400 mg/l dissolved solids, this is poor quality for vehicle washing.

A water softener can be supplied if required. 


  • Can permit washing during water shortages
  • Protects site income and car wash
  • Increases water cost reduction
  • Helps save the environment by reducing water consumption and pollution
  • Includes spotless rinse system which reduces spotting and streaking 
  • Includes water storage tanksCan operate on 20mm water supply 

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