Morclean Compact ST20

Morclean Compact ST20


  • Money saving
  •  Pollution reducing
  •  Low maintenance cost
  • Complies with environmental agency requirements
  • Can permit washing during shortage of water


The Morclean Compact is suitable for all jet and pressure systems. The systems consist of pre-filters, storage tank and booster pump, and an internal GAC filter/absorption bed. All controls are rated to IP55 and the system can be fully enclosed if required.


The water recycling system is fabricated in stainless steel grade 304D. The unit is also available in a fully enclosed version with security and frost protection.


Water companies are having to restrict water use by refusing to supply water for vehicle washing. Environmental agencies and water companies are becoming particularly concerned with the quality of effluent discharge and are placing stricter controls and discharge consent limits. Where there is no drainage available our Water Recycling System can permit the installation of vehicle washing installations as all the water is recycled.


Water used during the rinse cycles is gathered in a below ground collection tank (a three stage interceptor). Absorbent cellulose pads removed any oil and are placed in the collection tank. Coarse or heavy material and contaminants are collected in the tank. Water conditioners are often closed to the tank to bread down emulsions, these also improve settlement.  Wash water is transferred through a sump pump and two pre-filters to an internal GAC filter/ absorption bed. After percolating the treated water is returned to the pressure or jet wash. The bed is periodically aerated.


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