Morclean Prime KU50

Morclean Prime KU50


  • Available in Embossed Polyethylene tank or Stainless
  • Low amp usage: 10amps/2 ½ kilowatts
  • Measures only 1200 x 1200mm
  • Can be used with all makes of pressure washers


The Morclean Prime is suitable for all jet and pressure wash systems. The system consists of pre-filters, an internal GAC filter/absorption bed, sand filter, storage tank, water rinse and booster pump. The system can be fully enclosed if required and all controls are rated to IP55.


The jet wash water recycling system can be fabricated in hot wire welded embossed polyethylene or stainless steel grade 304D.


Water companies are having to restrict water use by refusing to supply water for vehicle washing or to increase the size of supply. Water authorities are becoming increasingly concerned with the quality of the effluent discharge.


Water used during the vehicle washing and rinsing cycles collects in the below ground collection tank (three stage interceptor). Absorbent cellulose pads are placed in the collection tank to remove any oil. The tank collects all coarse and heavy material or contaminants.

To breakdown emulsions and improve settlement a water conditioner is used. A sump pump transfers wash water from the underground tank and through two pre-filters to a sand filter. It is then passed over an internal GAC filter/absorption bed.

After being percolated through the bed the treated fresh water is returned to the pressure or jet wash. The bed is periodically aerated to redistribute and improve performance of the bed.  

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