Morclean Hydra HD35

Morclean Hydra HD35


  • Can permit washing during water shortages
  • Protects site income and car wash
  • Increases water cost reduction
  •  Helps save the environment by reducing water consumption and pollution
  • Includes spotless rinse system which reduces spotting and streaking compared with mains water washing
  • Includes water storage tanks

Can operate on 20mm water supply (no need for expensive 50mm water supply)


The particular reclaim unit needed is specified according to the water usage of the wash machine in gallons or litres per minute i.e a rollover wash machine using a total of 32 gpm would need a Hydra 35 to match this usage. The tanks are fabricated in either polypropylene or stainless steel grade 304D. They are skid mounted with a base plate to form a compact unit of either open construction, or they can be supplied fully enclosed with doors.


Where water supply is restricted this system can be beneficial. Environmental agencies and water companies are becoming particularly concerned with the quality of effluent discharge consent limits.  Where there is no drainage available our Water Recycling System can permit the installation of vehicle washing installations as all the water is recycled.



Water that is used during the vehicle washing and rinsing cycles is gathered in the below ground collection tank. Absorbent cellulose pads, which are located in the settlement tank, remove the oil present during vehicle washing operations. Floating coarse debris is trapped and settlement of grit and coarse sandy material also occurs in the settlement tank.

Water is drawn from the third chamber of the collection tank and is then passed to the multi-cyclone which separates particles larger than 20 microns and rejects them with a small quantity of water back to the collection tank. The cleaned water in the above ground unit is then passed through the activated carbon filter which removes detergent.

The water is drawn from the Hydra unit by the wash machine pump.

Please note: All detergents should be of a non-ionic or anionic type and have a neutral pH at working solution strengths. If the RO spot free rinse is specified the RO water is supplied either direct to two nozzles mounted on the wash bay screen or through the wash machine itself.  


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