Water Treatment

Water Treatment

When a business or company currently produces wastewater in one way or another, it has to be contained and possibly purified or removed. Companies with this responsibility include garages, transport companies, valeting companies, car washing or mobile car wash outlets when washing vehicles, marinas and boatyards when hosing down and cleaning boats, dredging companies when collecting and purifying sludge etc. the fire brigade when collecting large quantities of contaminated drain water, and cattle breeders when collecting water during cleaning and disinfecting of vehicles.

The Box range of products from Morclean offer an above ground partial water treatment system, and provide an alternative to costly and inconvenient ground works. They eliminate the need for excavation and give minimal disruption to the installation of interceptors and tanks. 

Morclean offers 4 options of Box water treatment systems:

  • Blue Box
  • Grey Box
  • Green Box
  • Red Box

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Blue Box
Totally Surface-Mounted and Minimal Installation The BlueBox is our latest addition to the family of Water Treatment boxes and acts as an above ground partial water treatment system. Designed to provide an economic alternative to inconvenient and expensive groundworks, the BlueBox removes the need for excavations, interceptors and tank installations. The BlueBox is totally surface-mounted, designed to replace the requirement for an interceptor. BlueBox can be used with the Morclean wash pad (or your own wash pad), and where water is discharged to a mains foul drain.  The Morclean BlueBox requires just a power supp
Grey Box
The GreyBox is an above ground partial water treatment system that gives you a simple solution to costly and inconvenient ground works. Eliminating the need for excavation and offering minimal discruption, the GreyBox water treatment system offers no fuss and no mess. The Greybox is a surface mounted system which replaces the need for an underground permanent inteceptor, it can be used with the Morclean Wash Pad or with your current system when water is discharged to mains foul drain.  GreyBox features: Can easily be moved if you relocate or move premises Easy to maintain and empty, being above ground makes it easier to empty Internal bag filter means