Under Chassis Wash Further Information

Under Chassis Wash Further Information

Why an under chassis wash?

The Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA - an agency within the Department for Transport) require that the chassis of all HGV, bus, PSV's and coaches are cleaned to a high standard prior to testing.

What is an automated under chassis wash?

An Under Chassis Wash is a fully automatic system, used by bus, PSV, coach and HGV operators to provide an effective solution to all under chassis cleaning to MOT and VOSA standards. The chassis wash jet system directs the high pressure nozzles to engines, gearboxes and axels. Rotating nozzles of high pressure water effectively clean the under chassis of the bus, coach or lorry by passing both to the front and rear of the vehicle.

Depending on the vehicle fleet, and it's potential to increase or decrease, the number of programmes are variable./

What about my particular site requirements?

Chassis wash units, jet washers, under chassis washing and vehicle washing units can be tailor made to suit your specific site conditions. All we'd need to do is gain information about your vehicles, the fleet, frequency of cleaning and site conditions in order to provide a proposal.

  • HGV's, buses and lorries can be cleaned to a high standard
  • No damage to the vehicle and its components.

How quickly will the automatic under chassis jet wash clean my vehicle?

Depending on the length of the vehicle the Automatic drive through chassis wash can complete an MOT standard chassis clean in as little as 20 - 40 minutes. The Under Chassisjet even comes equipped with a self-cleaning mechanism for maximum efficiency. For particularly difficult areas the machine can be stopped and moved forwards or backwards to concentrate on one difficult to clean area.

  • Low clearance vehicles can also be accommodated with a low profile chassiswash cleaning system.
  • The chassis wash jet system cleans under the chassis and removes grease and oils
  • No need for specialist training

What are the features of the Morclean Under Chassis Wash?

  • No damage to vehicles
  • No MOT returns
  • Any positional combination of engine/gearbox/axlec con nfiguration can be efficiently cleaned
  • Quick & effective total under chassis cleaning

What about the Under Chassis Wash operator?

We've all seen operators working in difficult, wet and dirty conditions when steam cleaning the under chassis of an HGV, bus, coach or lorry to MOT or VOSA standards. Typically working under a ramp or hydraulic lift the operator traditionally uses a hand lance from a steam cleaner to remove oil and grease prior to maintenance or an MOT.

  • Using the Morclean under chassis wash the operator simply starts the machine and does not have to remain under the vehicle
  • The cleaning heads automatically move front and back along the length of the chassis

How safe is the Morclean Under Chassis Wash?

Quite simply there are minimal Health and Safety issues because the operator does not have to steam clean under the vehicle using a traditonal hand lance or pressure washer.

  • The under chassis wash system prevents any Health and Safety issues as the operator does not need to work under the vehicle
  • The operator does not need to steam clean the chassis when it is in operation.
  • Suitable for bus depots, hauliers and local authorities.

Can I Reclaim the water used when using the under chassis wash?

Up to 95% of the water used by our under chassis wash can be recycled. The Morclean chassis wash recycle units are typically a combined water recycle system. The system can typically be used in conjunction with the chassis cleaning system or in conjunction with jet wash, pressure washers or steam cleaners.

  • Water used during the vehicle's under chassis jet wash is typically collected in either a sump or is collected via a pump out of the silt trap or drain.
  • The water is then directed into stage one of an interceptor and three stages of dosing and settlement. Afterwards the water is then filtered to remove suspended solids and is now ready for recycling.
  • The water can then also be treated to further break down oils and grease during several processes of treatment

How easy is the operation of the Morclean MOT Under Chassis Wash?

It couldn't be easier. The PLC control will automatically starts the chassis wash system once the vehicle is positioned over the MOT wash area. The system is easy to operate and pumps and a detergent application system are all operated from the PLC.

  • The variable wash programs and vehicle wash settings are operated from the main control panel
  • The appropriate program and length of vehicle is selected the operator only has to press the start button to fully operate the chassis cleaning machine.

What about detergents and chemicals when using the under chassis wash?

You're likely to use much less detergents because the detergent is applied to the chassis via an adjustable chemical meter.

Is it really that Automatic?

Yes. As soon as the chassis wash spray bars reach the rear of the chassis they automatically reverse and return to the front of the vehicle to start the cleaning process.

How flexible is the under chassis wash?

Adjustable cleaning heads ensure that the chassis jet can be correctly positioned for optimum rotation and cleaning, allowing the chassis jet wash to be correctly positioned to clean the widest possible range of vehicles. The PLC control enables the operator to position the chassis cleaning spray bars around a particular area where the chassis requires additional cleaning and to traverse the carriage back and forth.

  • Any minor detailing can be carried out after the final inspection and Morclean provide a manual under chassis steam cleaning device for this task.
  • Dirt and debris is cleaned from the chassis wash sump, platform or wash pit to clear the pit of oil, dirt and debris.

What about my unusual mixed fleet of vehicles?

Various options of platform and chassis length are available and Morclean would be pleased to carry out the required site survey to provide a bespoke under chassis cleaning system.

General Specification of the Morclean Under Chassis Wash and Chassis Jet System.

A heavy-duty hot dipped galvanised frame, normally 12 metres long, provides the track in which the chassis washing spray heads run. This system can be flush mounted with the floor or between existing ramps.

  • The spray heads are driven continually whilst continually spraying.
  • For safety reasons no electrical motors or drives are used in this environment as the chassis wash is operated by a hydraulic system.
  • The control panel houses the PLC control and contains all electrical controls and monitoring systems, and is programmed for as many vehicle chassis variations as is required.

What information will Morclean require about my site?

Please note when making your enquiry, Morclean will need to know the following to outline your particular site requirements;

About your vehicles...

The project start date?

Do I need to install a Screen around the chassis wash?

It really depends on the site conditions and neighbouring buildings or facilities. This is why we need to carry out a site survey. The Morclean SWS is designed to fit around any other Morclean System, or to be used as a stand alone wash bay. The screens are manufactured to specification and size using galvanized box profile section, and double sided plastic coated box profile sheeting. While bespoke, and designed to the clients specifications, a SWS system is typically up to 4m high and up to 20m long. A Morclean SWS is designed to protect the surrounding area from over-spray of water or detergent from a chassis wash, and to contain any particles of debris from the item being cleaned. Around 80% of the water can also be contained for recycling. This is especially useful for plant that is either heavily soiled or contaminated.

Screen Wash System Features

When used in conjunction with a Morclean high or medium pressure system, the SWS is semi automatic and one operator can access all the features without the need to either enter the plant room, switch on the unit, or the need for trailing cables and hoses. The controls for pressure, flow, detergent etc are all preset and the unit is auto stop start, the system can be used in conjunction with a gantry (GWS). The unit is fully installed and can be fitted over a separator to foul drainage (subject to local water authority approval).


All the Morclean system is then protected with pressure and/or flow switches, hot water units include a failsafe photocell, all units are bespoke and/or customised.

Screen Wash System Options

The unit can be manufactured to any practical size and dimension, and to fit most vehicle sizes and application. The system is available as a portable unit with no requirement for any civil works. Other options include twin lances, coin or token operation, frost protection, hose reels, foam kit etc. Morclean WRS - Water Recycling System - can also be used in conjunction with this system. Morclean would be pleased to liaise with end users, Design or Consulting Engineers, and Civil Engineers with any project.

  • The type of vehicles that are on your site?
  • The weights of the vehicles and number of wheels and axles etc?
  • The number of vehicles on your fleet that will be using the wheel wash?

About your site and it's environment...

  • The type of site and it's location?
  • The number of movements per day or week using the wash?
  • The type of soiling on the vehicles, whether mud, clay, soil etc?


  • The availability of power on your site?
  • The availability of water on your site?