Wash Bay Combi

Wash Bay Combi
Wash Bay Combi Wash Bay Combi

Our combination washbay interceptors provide both 2 stages of settlement within the interceptor as well as a galvanised silt trap grating and sump. This means only one item has to be purchased instead of both a silt trap and an interceptor. The combi interceptor then connects to a mains foul drain.

Water from a washbay typically falls to the centre where the hinged galvanised grating is placed and this has a surface area of 2M x 1M which provides a large drainage area. Water then enters the interceptor and both compartments are housed together which also reduces installation and civil costs.

The galvanised grating is also built to D400 standards for washbays where heavy traffic or HGV’s may pass over the wash bay available capacities of up to 6000Ltrs as a standard and up to 20,000Ltrs as a special build providing flexibility and design for most applications.

The additional access chamber is conveniently located under a standard 600mm cover and lid (not included).

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