Wash Guard

Wash Guard
Wash Guard Wash Guard Wash Guard

When the outflow of water and oil from a wash bay enters the wash bay interceptor the oil becomes emulsified due to detergents and hot water.

Because the water is no longer free flowing, a standard wash bay interceptor will not separate the oil which would simply pass through the chambers.

The Morclean oil removal system uses a dosing system to split the emulsions so that the oil can be removed by a filter, therefore limiting the outflow of oils to the mains foul drain. Where the levels and falls are insufficient to outflow to the mains foul drain under gravity, then a Morclean Pumping Chamber can be used.

All our GRP chambers can be made in various pipe sizes, outlet and inlet sizes and invert levels. The chambers are redirected to a 600mm access chamber that can be neatly concealed under a standard Manyway cover and lid.*

The oil filter can even be housed in the third or fourth chamber of the existing interceptor (or standard interceptor) or separate pumping chamber. This all depends on the site specific conditions, every aspect of which we will take into account. The outflow of water can fall to mains foul either via gravity or a Morclean Pumping Chamber can be used to outflow the water along an incline.

Specification and technical details are available on request.

*Manway Covers and lids are an added extra. Pumping stations are also all available above ground.

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