Bin Wash

Morclean wheelie bin wash machines come in a variety of water tank, engine size and pump combinations.

Award winning, best selling and the UK's favourite trailer mounted Bin Wash machine.

The Wheelie Bin Wash machines from Morclean provide users with an economical entry into the lucrative bin cleaning market. With just one machine you could see earnings of up to £165,000 per year which makes a machine like this worth its weight in gold. The wheelie bin wash machines are easy to use and maintain. Simply place the bin on the lift mechanism, press the button to lift, clean out the bins whilst elevated with the attached pressure washer system and lower the bins with the button. Cleaning made easy!



The bin wash machine combinations include;

  • Manually-operated single bin cleaner
  • Single axle trailer wheelie bin cleaner
  • Twin pick up mounted
  • Automated hydraulic unit

As well as automated wheelie bin cleaning machines we also produce other options of cleaning wheelie bins and water capture. One such innovation is the bin cleaning wash pad which is kerbed PVC water capture pad which collects and contains all the water. 

Depending on the specific model, you can clean either one or two domestic bins (240 litres) or one commercial bin (1100 litres) at a time. The effortless bin lifting mechanism aids efficiency at the touch of a button making the job less labour intensive and strenuous for the user. They are built with a fully galvanised heavy gauge steel chassis to ensure a long service life and can carry up to 350 litres of recycled water in the baffled water tank, which is enough for a full days work. 

For more information see our full range or call us to discuss your needs.

Ever thought of joining the Bin Cleaning Association? Wondering why you should join?

The NAWBW encourages membership for the following reasons;

  • the NAWBW gives your industry a voice
  • the NAWBW membership encourages quality and licensed operators, as well as providing assistance with non-legitimate operators
  • the NAWBW allows bulk purchase of daily used items
  • the NAWBW provides advice on all matters relating to wheelie bin washing from experienced operators
  • the NAWBW also runs workshops for bin wash repairs and modifications


The National Association of Wheelie Bin Washers operates with the approval of both DEFRA and The Environment Agency. They produce Health and Safety Guidelines EA and DEFRA approved, and have their own charter and mission statement. They exist to elimate the operation of 'cowboy' bin cleaners in all areas within the UK and have succeeded in effectively eliminating many of these operators. The Association works with its members in a way their members wish.