Morclean are actively looking for further European and worldwide distributors to expand on their current dealers situated in the Channel Islands and Holland. Wherever you are, Morclean would like to discuss the potential of distributorship of the Morclean Bin Wash Machines.

Currently we are in discussions with potential distributors in Poland, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain and Sweden but we welcome all enquiries.

For enquiries outside Europe such as USA, Canada and Middle East please contact Morclean directly. We have long standing relationships with supply agents to crate and ship machines worldwide.

For further information on becoming a distributor please contact peter@morclean.com. Below is our current distribution map with marked established dealers and routes to market. You can also download some helpful literature here.

Are You Interested in Becoming A Distributor?
Attrezzatura per tutti i tipi di pulizia industriale Macchinari montati su rimorchio per il lavaggio di contenitori di rifiuti. Morclean è attualmente alla ricerca di ulteriori fornitori in Europa e non solo. Abbiamo rivenditori in Olanda e nelle Isole del Canale e saremo lieti di discutere una probabile collaborazione ovunque voi siate localizzati. Al momento siamo in trattativa con potenziali clienti e consumatori in Spagna, Svezia, Polonia, Irlanda, Francia e Germania.Tutte le richieste da parte dei fornitori sono ben accette. Attualmente, per acquistare un macchinario negli USA, in Canada e in Medio Oriente, è necessario contattare il seguente indirizzo : info@m
Explosion Protection Engineering  Carrum Downs Vic 3201 t: +61 (0) 423 333 431 Website: expengineering.com.au   Dedicated to providing a wide variety of products and services to meet your safety requirements. EXP Engineering offer re-certifications on flameproofed forklifts, preventative maintenance, inspections and repairs to an industry leading standard. When a fire occurs the company's Blazecut fire system automatically actuates in the area covered, suppressing the fire within seconds.     
Crating and Shipping Binwash Machine (Export)
To ensure the machine is transported safely and securely we have a special made crate to pack the machine into. Unless the machine is transported door to door on a single shipment we always advise the use of a crate to ensure safe delivery. The crate compromises of a heavy-duty, polythene lined case. The sides, ends and lids are made from 9mm plywood boarded with soft wood framing. All of our timber is heat treated to ISPM/15 standards and suitable for export worldwide and would bear our unique forestry commission stamp as well as Morclean logo. Note: If a consignment is going to Australia, we can issue a heat treatment certificate.   Crate Specifications Size approx.
Ecovision Environmental Projects Management LTD Morclean are delighted to appoint another distributor to our team, Eco Vision Environmental Projects Management Ltd. Located in Israel, stocking as well as demonstrating and selling our range of Binwash Machines a long with after sales support.   We’re delighted to bring Omri Zilberman on board and look forward to doing more business via Eco Vision’s already established network.  company number: 515249696 telephone: +972 0722600876 email info@morclean.com
Jersey and Channel Islands
JFTU Town and Country La grande Route de St.Jean Trinity Jersey  JE3 5FN   With years of experience in the spas, hot tubs, water features and garden equipment trade, JFTU Town and Country are now pleased to be the Jersey/Channel Islands Distributor for the Morclean bin wash range.    Email: channelislands@morclean.com
Morclean distributing into Europe from Dordrecht
KNOL, Knol Steam Cleaning Systems BV, Van't Hoffstraat 5 3316 GX Dordrecht   Morclean are pleased to have a distribution hub in Dordrecht, in partnership with Knol, shipping sales of machines across Europe.  Knol Cleaning Solutions Ltd was founded in 1969 and specialises in cleaning equipment and products including steam cleaners, HEPA filter vacuums and cleaning products.   Telephone: +31 (0)78-613 00 64 Email: holland@morclean.com
Bravos ul. Slavic 57 66-400 Gorzow Wielkopolski   Bravos is situated in Gorzow Wielkopolski on the West of Poland and are specialists in quality cleaning products such as pressure washers, scrubber driers and more.   They offer reliability, flexibility, competitive prices, and a fast and competent service across their range of products and are always adapting and exploring the innovative products on the market.  Bravos welcome being a distributor for the Morclean bin wash in Poland. Office Hours Monday - Friday 8:30 - 16:30 Saturday 9:30 - 13:30 email: poland@morclean.com
UK Distributor
Morclean, Head Office, Speedwell Industrial Estate, Staveley, Chesterfield, S43 3JN, United Kingdom. Morclean specialise in a wide range of industrial cleaning equipment for all industries. We install drive through lorry washers, water recycling equipment, chassis and brush washers. We also provide floor care, jet wash, high pressure cleaners, scrubber dryers, sweepers and specialist vacuums. Freephone: 0800 1300 402  Email: info@morclean.com