Previous Models

The 'Previous Models' from the Morclean Binwash range include heavy duty, static, skid mounted and single lift binwash machines. They are bespoke designed machines for people who are wanting something different from our normal trailer mounted machine. 

You can find more information on each model by clicking on the relevant link below. If the previous models are something which you think might aid your company, please get in touch and we will do our best to accomodate your needs. 




Well here are a few reasons why you should:-


  • Be seen as a quality and licensed operator
  • Advice on all matters relating to the wheelie bin washing industry from experienced bin washers
  • Assistance with policing the non-legitimate operators within your area
  • Bulk purchase of daily used items
  • A voice for your industry
  • Members workshop facility for bin washer repairs and modifications



Binwash Eco
Entry level trailer mounted machine fitted with standard engine. How to use: 1. Roll the wheelie bin to the rear of the trailer, and align with the lifting mechanism. 2. Simply press the lift button, and the bin is elevated into the air. 3. Once elevated, you can use the high-pressure heavy-duty wash lance to spray into the bin, get in all of the nooks and crannies without much elbow grease. A few seconds work for an effortless clean! 4. The water drains out of the still elevated bin and straight into the machines catchment tray. Any large pieces of debris are caught straight away in the main filter, then the water is filtered into the tank, and ready to be used again
BinWash Mono
The BinWash Mono features a single bin lift for a more cost effective machine, where twin bin lifts are not required. Ideal for smaller bin wash rounds.   The Mono is ideal for those with small or rural rounds and has a 2200psi pump with Loclin engine. For further information, please click here. 
BinWash Skid
BinWash skid is a skid mounted version for lifting to an existing trailer or vehicle. Skid mounted and fixed frame. 2200Psi pump and Honda 11Lpm  For further information, please click here. 
BinWash Static
Fixed machine for use in a depot or bin wash site, frame mounted with adjustable self level feet. 1500Psi electric motor 110V, 13Lpm For further information, please click here. 
BinWash Trojan
The Heavyweight version, featuring a heavy duty diaphragmpump designed to handle salt, grit and debris. Highway trailer mounted, 50mm ball hitch. 100Bar diaphragm pump and Honda GX engine, 11Lpm   For further information, please click here.