BinWash City

BinWash City
BinWash City

During the last 3 years we have developed a brand new range of bin wash machines.

In order to achieve this we have been working with battery powered high pressure water technology. The new CITY was developed so that we could provide a totally new concept, which we feel is an extremely innovative and unique product that will reduce fuel, costs and C02 emission. 

The brand new 2016 range of Wheelie Bin Washers by Morclean

There are three trailer-mounted models in the Morclean range - the Binwash Custom and Custom Plus are both petrol operated machines and the City; our brand new battery operated machine. There is also a static version.

From July 2016: Five Stages of Filtration!!

1: The catchment tray takes out larger items of debris

2: A fine mesh screen [80 mesh/177 microns] filters the water

3: The third filter [20 mesh/871 microns] is situated just before the pump

4: Water in the holding tank passes through a 'blue' washable filter [100 micron nylon mesh]

5: Finally water is filtered through a silver impregnated tube which inhibits the growth of bacteria.

Water is also aerated before it enters the main tank.

The tank of water is re-filtered while the machine is idling. In effect the water gets cleaner and cleaner throughout the day.

The Only Wheelie Bin Washer

This is the only machine on the market that we know of that has these 5 stages with the bacterial inhibiting device

Sturdy - Quality - Entrepreneurial

The Morclean wheelie bin washers are quality-finished entrepreneurial machines. They are sturdy and engineered fully self-contained, purpose built wheeled bin cleaning machines which make the perfect start-up business machine, or addition to any current fleet.

Morclean bin cleaners provide owners and operators an economical and professional entry into the lucrative bin cleaning market. All you need is a vehicle capable of towing a small trailer and you are ready to offer a mobile service. The machines can be statically sited for use in commercial and industrial facilities too and are multi purpose instruments that can deliver cleaning solutions for driveways, patios, decking and more.


The Bin Washers are built with a fully galvanised heavy gauge steel chassis to ensure a long service life and can carry up to 350 litres of recycled water in the baffled water tank, which is enough for a full days work. The effortless bin lifting mechanism aids efficiency at the touch of a button making the job less labour intensive and strenuous for the user.