Meridian Pressure Washers

Meridian Pressure Washers


Morclean have launched a new range of extreme heavy duty high pressure cleaners and jetters. The Meridian range includes cold water mobile and static, hot water mobiles, and cold water engine driven. The machines are fitted with extra heavy duty high pressure pumps, robust frames and double thickness steel covers. They're generally designed for marine, shipping, and extreme and heavy duty industrial applications. 

Peter Morley (Director) says

"The Meridian range does not replace any of our current models, but adds to our already comprehensive range. The machines are designed for heavy and extreme conditions where our customers demand even more duty and preformance."

The machines feature a range of  pumps that are designed for salt water use, a large selection of hot or cold pressure washers for use with 60Hz, as well as a 4350psi hot or cold water units for extra heavy duty industrial applications and demanding projects. 

As well as the standard range of 50Hz and 60Hz models, the Meridian machines can be purpose built with multiple pumps or twin boilers where extra pressure and flow is required. 

Whether stationary or mobile the Meridian range offers much higher flow rates than typical high pressure cleaners, and is typically used in industrial, marine and shipping applications where there are greater demands for high preformance jetters.