There are basically 2 types of vapour steam as depicted on these pages, and here’s a guide to assist you

Vapour steam of both types is often used as a more cost effective, environmentally friendly and easy to use alternative to a typical jet wash.

All electric low volume vapour steam cleaners

These machines run from either a 240v or 41v supply and heat the water with an  element without the need for any other fuel source. This means that high temperature steam is produced in a clean zero emissions boiler and can be used inside. The steam production is lower therefore they are more suited to detail cleaning internally or where fumes are a problem

Electrically driven and oil fired vapour steam cleaners

These machines are run from either a 12v 240v or 415v supply and heat the water with the use of an oil fired burner (diesel) This means that much more quantity of steam is produced in the boiler so that 2 operators can work at the same time  and they are generally used outside. The steam production is high and can be used as wet or dry steam and therefore they are more suited to larger surface cleaning

A  typical pressure washer can use  around 15 litres of water per minute, while a Vapour Steam uses just a few litres of water per hour, meaning cars, vehicles, kitchens etc can be cleaned quickly and effectively with the Vapour Steam, but  using a lot less water than a traditional pressure washer. There's very little waste water too so this reduces or virtually eliminates the need for water disposal, drainage channels, sumps, silt traps or interceptors etc

Why should I use a Vapour Steam?

If you still need some persuasion after the above introduction, here's a few little bullet points you might want to consider;

  • It's safe and easy to use as steam cools quickly at the nozzle.
  • It produces high temperature steam which can be used on many surfaces, including cleaning in the hygiene, car care  and food sectors.
  • Little or no waste water running into drains.
  • The machine can be topped up/refilled with mains water from a standard hose tap.
  • It can be used to clean car interiors and exteriors. Use on vinyl, leather, upholstery, etc to remove stains and odours.

It's quick, effective, inexpensive to run and hygienic... 

Getting a bit more technical...


The Morclean all electric low volume vapour steam cleaners generate  between 8 and 10 bar  of high temperature steam using an all electric heater. The machine runs without the need to a fuel source so it can be used inside where lower volumes of steam are required and fumes from an oil fired boiler would be an issue. The machines are run from either a 240v or 415v socket, or a larger generator The Morclean Electrically driven and oil fired  Vapour steamers generate between 33-42KgH  of steam using a diesel fired boiler - without the need of a heavy duty power supply. The machine requires a very low power consumption. This means that the machine uses about  a third of the electrical power consumed by a domestic kettle and  it can be run from a standard 13amp socket, battery  or small generator.

See below for specific model information - you can click the blue headers for further information on each.